Tuesday, October 4, 2011


shadow-bjn3.jpg (222979 Byte)When I go outside.

 I decide that I am getting taller.  On a bright, sunny day I look at my shadow and WOW!  Look how long my shadow is.  I'm no longer a mere five feet tall!  

But, then I see the trees are taller, the motorhome is taller, even the fences are taller.  What is going on, anyway?  Oh yeah, it is fall.  It is not me getting taller, it is the sun getting further and further away.  What a huge disappointment. 

Hum, the shadows are getting taller and the days are getting shorter.  And just wait until we all set our clocks back in just a few short weeks.  Bummer.

I enjoy fall with it's riot of colors, the walking sticks, flying grasshoppers.  They all come fashionably late to the seasonal party.  The colors change so rapidly.  First comes a bit of yellow, then red and we see purples, oranges added to the palette. 

fall of autumn leaves

Then the leaves fall to the ground to be raked into mounds of color.  Browns now join the leaf party.  After the leaves fall, the trees are left bare and we again see the beautiful sculpture of the trunks and branches that have been hidden from view for the last six months.  

So is life.  We go through seasons of life just as the trees, flowers, insects etc. How we deal with our seasons is up to us.

Guess what is on those branches. The buds of the future,  the beginning of the spring to come.  These are tiny buds.  Buds that must experience the harsh trials of winter in order to blossom into beauty.

Our hope.  It takes strength to be a bud and withstand the trials of the harshness of winter. 

File:Colorful spring garden.jpgBut alas, 
spring comes bringing blooming of those buds and the life cycle continues.  

A fresh start. A clean slate. A new beginning. 

Summer comes and the beauty of life shines through as does the beauty of the flowers, the sky, all nature is at it's peak performance.  
Summer Collage

We no longer see the buds, but they are developing.

We smell the freshness of a summer rain and appreciate the clean aroma. 

And life goes on once more to fall where some of our life seems to die away in a beautiful array of color and those buds appear once more.  The buds?  They are our hope in the future.  God's gift to tell us to look forward with hope and faith.

I never look forward to winter.  I love spring and fall.  Summer is full of activity and growth.  I love Life, the sweet life that God has bestowed on us.  

So here I sit.  Looking at the trees beginning to change color, beginning to enter another phase of life.  I am excited to see what He has in store for me in the next season.  What is going to happen to my bud?

We go through life.  We have our harvest.  Our harvest of  experiences.  Our trials and tribulations of winter and in our spring, we break out in fresh growth and blossom. Summer is the season of smiles of joy of thankfulness.  

Be safe in your travels and activities and may your buds of life continue to mature.

And God Bless


  1. When I take off my glasses, I feel taller too. :)

  2. Well, I WAS enjoying your blog till I came across the pic of the ice on the tree branches! Ya just had to do that, eh?

    Seriously though, I love the slanted sunlight and golden tones of the afternoons in fall, much better than the bright white overhead sunlight of summer!

    Karen and Steve
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