Monday, October 3, 2011


Let's see..... Friday I shared a joke with  you and said to tun in the next day for the punch line.  Well, the next day came, but the blog and the punch line didn't.  

After spending Friday and Saturday greeting visitors to my booth, trying to stay warm and to keep a cheery face regardless of my fatigue, all I did was git the bed early.

Soooo, here is the long delayed, much anticipated, (not really), wildly waited for,  (ha) punch line.....

When the old lady kissed the frog turned prince.......she turned into..............................drum roll please ..........................   the next hotel!  As the Bayfield Bunch would say.............. groan.

I was appalled at the publicity / news coverage of the St James court Art Show.  The Louisville TV stations would first have a segment touting the art show and IMMEDIATELY switch to the next segment  featuring the terrible economy!  Oh yeah,  go to the art show, but be afraid to spend any money.  

Is is possible that the talking heads could say something positive?  I guess being positive does not attract people to turn into the news?  Are we as human beings that twisted that we have to feed on bad news like vultures stripping bodies after the kill?  No wonder millions of dollars are spent on antidepressants.  Thank goodness I don't listen to the news on a daily basis. 

The artists were shocked at the lack of sales.  A few categories did not feel the crunch.  Jewelry sold quite nicely.  But some artists who normally make thousands of dollars at the show, had only 2, 3, or 4 sales the entire three days of the show.  

I did my share of spending money at the show.  John saw a beautiful sweater / coat that a fiberartist  had made and insisted that I get it.  So what's a woman to do when a man gives the go-ahead to spend money.....   well, she spends money, of course!  

I'm pretty much of a tight wad and I really balked at letting go of the green, but I knew it was important to John.  He has very good taste when it comes to choosing clothing for me, I was a good wife, wasn't I?  

A vital bridge over the Ohio River was closed creating traffic problems on the I 65 bridge.  Many residents from Indiana just did not want to fight the traffic to get to Louisville.

My Friday sales were right on target to meeting my goal.  Saturday, I fell a bit under goal and yesterday, Sunday, I should have stayed home.  BUT  ...........  I put the entire show in god's hands.  He provided what He considered that I need, so I am thankful. 

The bridge closure is hurting the economy of many small towns there in the area of the closed bridge.  New Albany, businesses are having a tough time making ends meet as they depend of traffic from Louisville to help revitalize the revenues of the businesses.  

On our way home from Louisville, we met friends in New Albany.  We ate lunch at a Cuban Cafe'.  The food was excellent.  The service was exceptional!  The number of people eating there was lacking.  I sure do hope they can survive until the bridge is repaired.  It is going to be a long, long year or so. 

The weather in Louisville was a bit on the cool side, but I loved it.  Yellow, red and brown Maple leaves would let go of their summer home and float down then gently glide to the sidewalk or land in my lap.  What a delicious sight and a great promise of a beautiful fall.  Once we have a frost, the trees will present a concert of color.  This is a  beautiful time of year.  

Well, time for the Colts' Monday Night Football.....  oh, how I wish we had Peyton back!  But I'm a fan, win or loose.  

God bless you all....may your Tuesday be full of His blessings...


  1. That's too bad about the turnout for the show. I know the economy is really lousy but the bridge issue has really got to be a major issue for everybody in that area. I'm glad you got the coat. Good wives listen to their hubbies.

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound.....and with a fashionable accessory to boot! :) Wear it in good health!


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