Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Home, .......... home,  rain filled front lawn, rain filled barnyard, water standing in the field yet to be planted........Rain.........and more rain.

We arrived home this morning to water standing everywhere.  This morning, I woke up to find a ground hog sitting on our hot tub cover, just to have some dry feet! The hot tub is just out my bedroom window.  (If I knew how to transfer photos from my new Droid X to this blog, I would show you his picture!  Flood warnings are flashing on the screen.  The poor farmers are waiting to finish planting their crops.  And then more rain storms show up on the radar.

Then there is Texas and Arizona, New Mexico....the southwest regions of the United States.....drought, and more drought, and fires.  Don't we wish that we could "spread the wealth?  Last year, we had such a hot, dry season.  The corn withered. soy beans did not produce their usual wealth., grass turned brown and was crisp under foot.  We had no-burn orders.  If one tried to burn brush, the fire department was out to issue a citation and to put your fire out.  What ever happened to equal opportunity weather? 

Well, laundry is caught up, I have knitted a sock on my circular sock machine............all in addition to the things that must be done after a trip on the road. Now,  ..............  we are looking forward to the next time on the road.  And that is not far off.  We leave Friday morning for the Wool Fest in Kirkland, OH!  Oh my....

It is time to get some sleep and prepare for the Wool Fest!  Blessings to all.....N

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