Thursday, June 16, 2011

Didn't quite make it to Indiana!

Monday night, we stopped in Davenport, IA for the night.  Tuesday morning, we decided to look for a camp grounds and stay for a day or two.  That would have made us leaving yesterday.  Well, so much for those plans.  We decided to remain here at Fisherman's Cove in Moline, Illinois until Saturday.  Moline is just across the Mississippi from Davenport.   

Fisherman's Cove is a campground of the Army Corps of Engineers.  It is well maintained with spacious campsites, at one of the locks on the Mississippi and this time of year, full of May Flies! The May Flies are the only negative and not much of a negative. 

I have had my spinning wheel out and have been spinning a lot of yarn as I watch the barges go in and out of the locks. Today, we will walk on the dike to the locks, do a bit of shopping and I will spin.  I sold a lot of hand spun yarn at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival and need to build my inventory.  Now that's not a bad thing, is it! 

The May Flies could fly away!  I wish.  They don't do anything negative, but just bug us....get that?  they bug us....ha!  They love to sneak into the motor home and tickle us.  Actually, they are not as bad as regular house flies. 

Something I forgot to mention is that I have some new Silkworms.  Why?  Who knows!  I wanted to try to raise at least one batch of them for the cocoons to sell and to spin in some of my yarn.  Selling them, I see no problem, spinning them, I just don't know.  I have never spun from the cocoon, so I don't know what I am getting into. 

The worms, hatched June 4th and now are about an inch long.  The literature on the web says that they will grow to about three inches then start to spin their cocoons.  I am not clear what I am to do next, but will find out.  Thanks to the Internet and the library, I will have my information soon.  I do know that I have about 2 to 3 weeks before the next step. 

Till next time, blessings and be safe....

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