Monday, June 20, 2011

Heading For Home

It is sometimes a good thing to head for home or it is a not so good thing.  We are eager to see family, but are not too excited about the mowing that lies ahead.  We are more and more eager to get the house ready to sell so that we are not a slave to it any more.  The condo that we have as a rental will serve as home base and that suits us just fine. 

Most of our new camping friends have moved on to new locations.  How neat to meet new people and to share experiences.  The day we set up camp here, a gentleman walked over and asked to touch our motor home.  Now, that is a VERY strange request, or it seemed so at first thought.  It turned out that his first motor home was exactly like ours.  It was special to him as it was his first.  He shared so much valuable information with us about our Winnebago.  He gave us so much insight and pointed out that one of our air shocks is not working. 

While we were in California our daughter, Jojo pointed out that our coach was not level.  It slanted to the passenger side just a bit.  And the new friend here, (name unknown) pointed it out and gave us the answer why the lean.

We are not securing everything for the ride home.  Hopefully, John will not want to go interstate all the way.  If we get to go the by ways, we will be able to explore as we go.  Since it rained last night, we will not be able to mow as soon as we get home. Sounds like good reasoning, doesn't it???   Sounds good to me! 

Fellow bloggers, Ed & Marilyn "The Happy Wanderers  had their camper catch on fire and they lost almost everything.   So sad for them.  We wish them the best as they have many decisions to make and insurance to deal with.

That's it for now...maybe later.   

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  1. Hey Nan, great blog. I found it on FB.

    You can email your photos to yourself then they are on your computer to download. Also there's a way to connect your blog to your Droid, but probably someone like Andrea would have to tell you how.

    I enjoyed this. Encourages me to get back to blogging.

    Judy Cockrum


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