Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Circular Sock Machine and I

I worked with the CSM today.  I really need to use it more often.  Once I remember every step the first time, I will be able to knit a pair....mind you, I did say a pair of socks in about an hour, but not today.  I did learn something new though.  As I was happily cranking along, I got too confident and forgot to knit the ten rows of the pre-heel. (the transition between the leg portion and the heel).  I though phooey, I will just have them a bit different and not sadly, but not happily kept going. 

I  finished the heel with no problems at all and was sooo proud of myself!  Then bingo!  On my next pass, I dropped stitches!  Wouldntcha know....Yep, that silly sock was trying to get the best of me.  That's OK,  I decided to start over.  One mistake might pass, but a heel with holes.....Not!

Now we are on second try and everything is crankin right along.  Guess what I forgot again!  Those pesky pre-heel rows.  OK,  I decided that if I made myself try something I've never done before as the penalty for being a goof ball, maybe I'd always remember those ten rows.  Ya think so?  We will see.

I wondered if I could un-knit the heel.  I tried one stitch at a time.  Hummm it is working, but gee it is taking so long.  Now how can I speed this up.  Well, I learned how to unknit in a better way and voila, I'm back to the end of the leg and now have my ten rows of pre heels knitted.  I think there should be fireworks or something for accomplishing this. 

Of course this process to as much time or possibly a bit longer than just ripping back to the beginning.  But look at all the fun I would have missed.  oh sure.....loads of fun.

My back was so tired of sitting, leaning, and being so tense, that after I finished the ten rows, I left the rest of the knitting for tomorrow.  I must think clearly ya know,  I'm just learning.  Can you tell? 

All in all, it's been a peaceful day.  Tomorrow, I finish that sock then off to the studio to dye and felt.  Maybe I'll have some cool photos to share with  you, ya think????? 


  1. If the opposite of KNIT is to TINK, is the opposite of CRANK to KNARC???? LOL

    Those machines are so much fun, but also so finicky and futzy and putzy.... I sure enjoy mine!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. I enjoyed working with felt at a workshop once. I've just been very busy with the animal heads as they are to get into it on my own.

    Sometimes the frustration of getting something wrong and then the triumph of getting it right is what fiber art is all about.

    Great selection of side bar pictures, look likes you've done a bit of traveling!

  3. I just back read your blog posts. I'm always glad when I find a fellow blogger who doesn't have too many posts to read because then i can do it. If they have been blogging for a long time, I just hop thru a few to try to get a feel for who they are!

    We have a lot in common. I used to do shows, but now sell only thru the internet. I just finished reading "The Help" and loved it, I took a Nonu Felt class and loved it, and I have watched the Decorah Eagles!

    Maybe we will meet when you are on your next trip to California.

    We may have a rig by then!

  4. I tried to make a comment yesterday from my lap top and it bounced.

    So this is a test to see if I can comment from a different computer.


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