Monday, September 9, 2013


In my last post's title, I wrote "A TRIP TO THE VET."  And by the time I was half way through, I was mightily frustrated.  I totally forgot to write about our trip to the vet and have had inquiries about the welfare of our fur family.

As you can see in the photo, both Olivia (left) and Oliver (right) were just fine.

 Here, Oliver is looking at me asking why I want him sedated and nails trimmed.                                        Olivia is looking at John telling him that she holds still for me during her pedicures.                                               Oliver is a hand-full when trying to work with his feet. The last time I tried to trim his toe nails I ended up with scratches and a totally petrified pooch.  I vowed never again would I put him or me through that ordeal.  

I asked our friend Sherry Sheridan of Aloha Llamas what vet she uses for her animals and she recommended Redmond Veterinary Clinic.   

We were able to see Dr. Cassee and she did a wonderful job with our fur kids.  If you ever need a vet while in central Oregon, Redmond Veterinary Clinic is the place to go.  

Wednesday, we were went to Fischer Canyon in search of more Jasper, Agate and Petrified Wood.  We did not find much, but the climb was great exercise and we enjoyed another great day in the Prineville, Oregon area. 

The view from the top was beautiful.  There is nothing better than sitting upon a rock at the finish of a good climb and looking at the vastness of the desert and mountains off in the horizon.  
After I tossed in the rockhounding tools, I walked the desert floor, still keeping my eyes open for an Agate or a piece of Jasper, but I found other items of interest or not so much interest.  Can you identify this?  
Different species?  
Is it a wild animal?  Is it dangerous?    Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!                                                       When walking in "the wild," it is good to know who is around the next curve.  Is it a bear?  A Mule Deer?  A rabbit?  Mountain Lion? Cougar?  

On the brighter side, some Canyon areas were blanketed by this bush giving the impression of yellow carpeting.
The canyon floor was home to the living and the dead.  Often times the beauty is in the "skeleton" rather than the greenery it once displayed. 
And then there is the oddities.  I do think I can think of better targets though.  
                                                                    We finally headed for home. The traffic was a bit congested.                                    They did not even honk their horns even though they were quite bullish.

We left the traffic behind and crossed over the Prineville Dam at the reservoir. The rock formations were fascinating. The mountains do not have the spectacular color, yet the layers of rock and stone are breathtaking.


Organ Pipes?

Broccoli florets?

The other side of the road was color and a tranquil stream formed by the spillway at the dam behind us.

 A very nice way to end our day and our time in Prineville.

Until next time.....God Bless

THE END............S  



  1. Maybe Oliver has ticklish feet I know I do, don't touch my feet.
    More great photos of you hike.

  2. You really out did yourself in this post...very clever! I enjoyed your witty words. Beautiful rocks!!!

    I guess there are all kinds of discoveries out there.

  3. Sure glad to hear the fur kids are okay. We always worry about them you know. Sorry no good rocks for you guys but a beautiful place regardless. Sure hoping we'll see you this week-end.

  4. I wondered about the title but you did say you were having issues remembering how to do your photos. I then thought you would get back to us when you figured it out. So glad the kids did great.

    That is beautiful country. The sky looks so lovely. Glad you are having great weather.

  5. I can so relate to the puppy nails...after 5 years, we can now say ALL 4 of our pups let us trim...well grind nails! We use a dremmel and I hold while Joe grinds. It was not an easy challenge.

    Your hike sounds like so much fun! I is fun to sit back after a climb and take it all in! I have taken many a picture of dead trees and spent flowers! We do hope to get to Oregon one day!

  6. None of your 'findings' look like they're from a bear or a cougar, so you should be OK. Just don't step in them :)

  7. Very nice. No two places are the same. I'm really glad your John is able to see these wonders. He came so close.

  8. Quite an imagination you have. It is a blessing for sure.


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