Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Friday the 13th was a good day at Stanton Crossing campground.  Jim and Sandie Dixon came for a visit.  We had a great time catching up on news, playing games and a trip into Bellevue and Sun Valley, ID.  
Saturday, we were off to a cute restaurant in Bellevue called the Giddy Up .

Breakfast was delish and the hot Chai was better than Starbuck's!  

Sandie's Photo
It is humorous that we took photos of the restaurant from the opposite sides.                                   See the American flag that looks faded?  The faded red stripes on it were printed in red ink with the names of firefighters who had given their lives fighting fires in Idaho. 

When did you last purchase fuel for the amount on these antique pumps?                                                               I wish I didn't remember the time, but I surely do.  It was a loooooong time ago.

We also took a drive to Sun Valley.  I really do not think I would enjoy skiing these slopes, would you?

Jim and John  then worked on a couple of problems with Tiffin.  I got ahead of myself and blogged about that previously.  That's what I get for not keeping up to date on my blogging.  

When we came home I fixed a pot of vegan chili and then we played games.  What a fun two days we had with our friends.  

Suddenly, it was time for Jim and Sandy to leave.  As they left, the campground was empty, except for us and we got the urge to move on.  So, we did.  

Until next time.  God Bless you all, whether you are on the road or in our homes thinking about hitting the road.  


  1. It was a long time ago. I remember having only $3.00 and filling up the VW Beetle. Still had enough left for 2 quarts of beer and peanuts for my friend & me. I think gas was 29.9¢ back then.

  2. Nan...would you share your chili recipe? You can send it to my email.

    We just love Sandie and Jim. Hope we can meet you two also and enjoy your company.

  3. Always good to catch up friends:) Glad you had a nice time.

    The Chia was better than Starbucks! Hard to imagine such a thing:)

  4. Sounds like you had a nice couple day there.

  5. What fun. So glad you had a nice visit...I follow Sandy's blog too and told her the same thing! Cool!

    Tat is so neat about the names on the flag.

    Safe travels!


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