Friday, September 27, 2013


After we left The Craters of the Moon National Park and Preserve, we turned our sights to the Grand Teton National Park with an elevation of 6,200 ft.  

Gros Ventre Campground: Moose eating on the Jenny Lake Loop TrailWe stayed two nights at Gros Ventre Campground where we had a visitor.  Make that four visitors!                                   The campground was nice enough. Parking spaces were not too close to one another.  No hook-ups.  Dump station and water at the entrance.  With our pass, the cost was $10.50 each night.   

At the Visitor's Center, a representative of the Jackson Hole Association suggested places to visit and she even knew of an organic vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  

We walked about four blocks to the Lotus Cafe and were not disappointed. 

Saturday was farmer's market.  It was the best farmer's market we have shopped in a long time. We stocked up on some much needed fresh fruits and vegetables.  

This was the final market of the season and the  businesses in the City Square also had  their sale merchandise on racks and tables on the sidewalks in front of their stores. We did some Christmas shopping.


We spent the rest of the day and Sunday taking in the sights of Jackson Hole and Teton National Park.  

Glaciers remaining in the Tetons on the right quarter of the photo above and a close up below.

Photos were difficult to capture due to the distance between our location and the mountains.  

The elevation of the Grand Teton is 13,700 ft. or four thousand, two hundred meters.  

The middle Teton tops out at  twelve thousand eight hundred and four feet or three thousand, nine hundred three meters.

The shortest of the range, Static Peak is eleven thousand three hundred three feet. 


Along the road was a huge herd of Bison.  Those beasties are huge!  The hair from the Buffalo can be spun into yarn and made into sweaters, scarves, gloves and more.  

The Snake River flows nearby providing fly fishermen and Anglers their chance to harvest Trout.   

Ansel Adams used this site to photograph the Tetons.  It was his work that generated U.S. citizen's support for national parks.

Ansel Adams, I am not!  

Do you see how much the trees have grown to obscure much of the Snake River?  

I believe that this photograph of Adams was taken in 1902 by standing on the roof of his station wagon.  
Photo borrowed from the Internet

The wild horses looked well fed. 

Some were content to stay far from the fence.  

Others were happy to come to the fence to mooch.  

This horse was not so wild that he learned to come to the fence and bat his long eyelashes and gaze at you with those beautiful eyes to convince someone to pick the grass located outside the fenced area and feed him. 

When I did not provide a treat for him, he was content to walk away and forage on his own.

And this wild man is trying to satisfy his appetite for unusual rocks.

I cannot take this man anywhere!  He is always  bent over looking for that "special" rock.  

Following our tour of lower elevations, we drove up signal mountain.  There was a trail head that led to the peak. 

We needed exercise, so up we went....slowly.  

The elevation changed to 7,720 ft.  John needed to stop and rest, but the altitude did not seem to bother him.  Me?  I was having a bit trouble breathing.  Go figure.  

This was our view from atop Signal Mountain.  

Breathtaking!  In more ways than one.  

This hike ended our day.  We returned to the motorhome in anticipation of sighting more wildlife and proceeding to Yellowstone the next morning.

God bless and safe travels.  


  1. What lovely photos! I love the moose photo!

    We stayed in the Tetons a few years ago. What an awesome area.

  2. I don't think there is a mountain on earth that is 3,445 miles high. ;)

    1. Judy, here is my source of information and guess are right! I was reading the m to be miles, but realized it is meters! Thanks for the head's up!

  3. Traveled through that Jackson Hole Grand Teton territory back in May of 93 & just loved the whole area. May have stayed at that same campground you mentioned but I couldn't remember the name. You have some nice photos there & one of these days soon John will find that big special nugget for you:))

    1. I am not holding my breath, Al. But he is having fun and that is what is important.

    2. I am not holding my breath, Al. But he is having fun and that is what is important.

  4. What a beautiful visit! I love the photo you took and then included Ansel Adams photo!

    Mr. Moose is amazing!

    Happy Travels to favorite park!

  5. More wonderful pictures again. Love the Moose!
    Sure a sign of fall when the farmer's markets are winding down, gonna miss them.

  6. I saw Moose, but you got the grand prize. What a great photo. Guess the time to be in the Tetons is September--I've heard that before. Glad you and John are having such a great time, Nan.

  7. Nan, this is a great blog post. Great pictures, a little humor. Now we can't wait to go to the Grand Tetons.

  8. You sure got some gorgeous pictures. It's been years since we've been to the Tetons - think we need to plan a trip there in the near future. I love your moose picture. Safe travels dear friend.

  9. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. It looks like a great time to be there and how lucky to see such a beautiful moose up close.


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