Monday, September 16, 2013


Last November when we purchased our new to us Tiffin Allegro Bus, we were thrilled with it.  We still are a year later. 

It was not much later when we decided that the brass nobs on the cabinetry looked dated.  We purchased just under one hundred dollars worth of knobs.  Those nobs, as some of you will remember made a huge difference.

Last Thursday John set to work to finish the task of making all light fixtures and rings around the lights match the cabinet nobs.                                               All rings and light fixtures had to come down.  Some wires were harder to get at than others.

See the brass at the bottom of the light fixture....and all the parts?   The fixture had to be completely dismantled to gain access to the brass portions. 

Do you think he will remember how to put all those parts back together? 

Yep he did, but had two extra parts left over, but all the lights work.  

And here they are:

Then we hung some artwork that we purchased at the Mission gift shop.  I blogged about that trip earlier.  

I retrieved a ceramic jack-o-lantern that my mom and dad made back in the late 1980's. Ole Jack rides on the dashboard. In September, he rides with his face facing inward.  Then in October, we fill him with little lights and turn him outward.  

We are missing our straw scarecrow. We cannot remember where we stored it.  How, can we misplace something in such a small space? 

Saturday, Jim and Sandie Dixon came to share our campground here at Stanton Crossing BLM on the Big Wood River
Jim and John put a new part on our awning.  Good work guys.  And thank you Jim.  

 While Jim was  on the top of the motorhome, he checked out our search light.  We now know how to open the light and what kind of sealed beam we need.  

Jim also found a spot that needed caulking removed and re-caulked.  We had a small water spot in one of our cabinets last week.  Those two items John will take care of just as soon as we get the necessary equipment.

When we visited the Guajome Ranchhouse in Vista, California, I found this artwork for our kitchen.  Finally, we hung them.  More and more, this motorhome feels like home.  These personal touches make such a difference.  

When we leave Stanton Crossing BLM, we will be driving to the Craters of the Moon National Monument then on to Yellowstone National Park.

Every stop is taking us a bit closer to Indianapolis and Doctor appointments, check up and best of all F.A.M.I.L.Y.  I talked to grandchildren Lucy and Ross yesterday and told them we are on our way and will be there in a few weeks.  

I am looking forward to going to gymnastic competitions where Lucy will compete. And then there is grandparents day the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  

Daughter Karen is having a birthday October seventeenth. Granddaughter Megan is pregnant with our second great-granddaughter.  Big sister, Harper had hardly any hair when we left and was not talking.  Now she has long blond hair and is talking up a storm.  Oh, my, I can hardly wait.  

I have rambled a bit too much, but family is on my heart this evening.  

John has made a campfire and I am going to go sit with my honey and dream of family.  

God bless .....till next time.  


  1. It looks really nice in your home. Great job! I "lost my backpack" this weekend. I found it where I had stashed it ( behind my seat in the RV) And I also "lost my backup batter for my Nikkon Camera and I found the backpack :) Glad Jim and Sandie have joined you for a few days and was able to help.

  2. That's so neat how you have changed and updated your home. We have done a few things too. Right off we took down all the "art" that was hanging and put up our own! Home Sweet Home!

    It all looks great! Love the kitchen.

  3. The changes look great, it is good to make our RV homes look the way we want.

  4. Nice job in getting rid of the brass.
    Enjoy yourtime with the family too.

  5. Miss you guys. And everything looks even better in person. It really is becoming yours.

  6. It's amazing how "little things" can make such a huge difference in the look and feel of your "home"! The new lighting and hardware really makes a difference! We got a good laugh out of your missing scarecrow. Even in our small RV we manage to "lose" things.....sometimes we find them, sometimes we don"t! Glad you had friends help out with some repairs. Always nice when people "pay it forward" and RV-ers tend to do that a lot. Stay safe!

  7. Great updates! Things are looking homey! It took me three years to add a rug to living room area and get matching pillows to make the MH look more lived in.

    Family time is so special. That's what we are doing right now:)

  8. I hope you find the straw man before Halloween. He is in the last place you will look for him. Check the Christmas decorations.

  9. What a difference changing out that brass made! Isn't it amazing what those little kinds of things can do. I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to make our Bus more our home :)

  10. Beautiful header photo.

    We just love Jim and Sandie. They are the nicest people. So glad you got to meet up again.

    Just a few changes here and there makes it so much nicer. Good job!


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