Thursday, January 12, 2012


A night of not sleeping well and an early morning make for a slow working day / journey.  After a visit from a sales person, (yuck) we tackled the painting of the last two beams  and the fireplace in the family room.  Actually, John tackled the beams and did a super job.  I attacked the fireplace.  

I am so pleased we decided to paint the fireplace brick again.  It looks so fresh now.  But that was all we completed today.  I was able to finish between the mantle and the hearth.  Below the hearth and above the mantle is on our to do list for tomorrow.  How can such a simple project take two days to finish?  

Tomorrow, the furniture is returned to the family room and we will start the kitchen painting.  Not much there.  Only the bulkhead and the space between the counter top and the underside of the cabinets.   After that, only the guest bath remains!  All should be completed by Saturday afternoon! 

Oh my gosh, we are soooo close!  I can hardly believe it. 

Excuse me while I hyperventilate!  


Ohhhhhh, rats.......

We have the little barn (30' X 60') to empty!  Hummmm, that has been used only for storage of "stuff."  Stuff we have forgotten, lived without, forgot that existed.....

I think we have just decided to ditch everything!  Of course we will ditch after we sell the antiques, weaving loom and send the best llama fiber to the mill to be processed into yarn.  The "seconds" of the llama fiber will be sent to Texas to be woven into rugs to sell.  

BUT  the finish line is in sight!  

Probably, tomorrow we will think of more things we want to do, but for tonight......we are encouraged. 

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  1. Take a deep breathe. It will get done!

  2. Yup.. us too!

    At first I was thinking rummage sale in the spring. But I don't want to wait that long. If I decide something is "culled" out it goes to St. Vinnies or the battered woman's shelter!

    Today I pulled 14 or 15 vases from the cabinet--- most came from the little florist shop in town, so I am going to bring the boxful right back there and let them *recycle* them into new arrangements to make new people happy! LOL

    bit by bit, it will all be done by April to put the house on the market. Not sure if we will be here 4 months or 16? Only the Gods of Realty know for sure!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. I so envy you to be so close to the finish line. Lots to do yet, but it sounds like you are both working hard together.

  4. You are doing good, sounds like you are doing a better job than I did.

  5. You're getting there!!! We see the finish line too, it's not this month but it's coming!! :) Do you have a new goal for when you would like to get done?

  6. I think you're making great progress. And soon this will all be behind you. Then we'll all celebrate together.

  7. No laughing ...just cheering ! So liberating...isn't it? Great job

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  8. Nope, no new goal. The dates thus far have been unrealistic, so we are just going to keep on keepin on.


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