Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A welcome aboard to four new followers.  So glad you can join us on our journey.  Nancy has joined us from Oregon.  I still can't pronounce Oregon they way people in Oregon do.  They are new to the RV and blogging world.  Sue and Mo are having a great time out there.  Their header picture reminds me of Joshua Tree National Forest....sigh.  

We also have a fellow artist following us.  Richard the RV Painter is here.  He has some nice art work in his blogs.  Hopefully, when we are on the road, I will be able to get back to being creative!  When I first saw the RV Painter, I thought he painted RVs.  And no, I am not a blond.  Richard's wife is Melissa.  Welcome Melissa!  She is an artist of words.  Melissa writes books.  I'd love to read her book.  

The weather here in Indiana was wonderful for outside chores.... until today.  We have accomplished so much and are thankful for the energy we had.  Today, John is bushed and napping a bit.  Even with emphysema he pushes and pushes till a job is complete.  It may take longer, but when it is done, it is done right.  I am so thankful for such a neat guy.

This strenuous journey to our Big Journey, is soon going to only be a memory.  Our discussion over breakfast was; "what do we do to have the total body exercise that we are getting from all the work we are doing here?"

There is much lifting, pulling, pushing, walking, bending, squatting etc.  In the future, when we are full timing, hikes will do some good, but we want to find something that will incorporate all the above.  We like the extra strength we are gaining and when we are not too exhausted, it feels good.  

Yesterday, we did maintenance on our second patio.  It is located in front of the barn that is closer to our house.  The patio is Tennessee Blue Stone.   In the patio, we designed and built a lovely water feature that is eighteen inches as well as two feet below above the patio.  Visitors are awed by a water feature that is partly above and below ground.  You also get to see the tools we forgot to put away.  The fountain is not turned on, but you can get the idea.  

These pictures are hazy due to the fog and rain.  They are taken with the telephoto on my new Canon Power Shot SX 150 and are not as good as they could be due to the photographer.  - me.  

Here is a picture looking out the kitchen window using the zoom feature of my new camera.  It was until a year ago that you would see our llamas.  I do miss my fiber kids, but they were a lot of work.  And this year a bale of hay is almost twice the cost of a gallon of gasoline!  Now our hay money goes into the motorhome gas tank and we have less work.  I hope we get out of here before the pond out back freezes over and it is ice skating time!  Would anyone like to buy a house?  

Thank you for taking part in today's journey and for your prayers for our strength and energy to accomplish our tasks at hand.  

God bless your journey today!   


  1. I'm glad that things are moving along for you with the work. The weather certainly has cooperated so that you could do so many of your outdoor list of jobs, pre-realtor/listing.
    We, too, have had an open Winter, but that may change in the next 24 hours or so. The weather has been beautiful, but I'm afraid we'll go into drought this Spring/Summer if we don't get our normal amount of participation. Maybe that is about to change, eh? ;)
    Good luck with the rest you want to accomplish. Will you make your self imposed January 15th deadline? ;)

  2. Your yard is beautiful. Staying in shape while full timing is hard for some of us. Of course, I was never in shape before so things haven't changed much for me. How about a Wii? I know Jeri uses hers quite a bit for exercise. Prayers for your health and for the sale of your house coming your way.

  3. WE are counting down the days until we have to go home again and get to work on the house! Four weeks of RV time is not enough. I want MORE!

  4. Yep Mike, we are supposed to get our first snow storm tomorrow. Would you mind keeping it up there? AND nope, no more January 15th deadline. Now it is whenever we feel that we have accomplished our goals, is our deadline. A good cop out, don't you think?

  5. Sandie, Thanks for the suggestion. i think we will look into that.

  6. Merikay, you are right. Four weeks is not enough time. But for what it's worth, don't put yourself on a time limit as we did. It will drive you nutso and be discouraging. Now, we are learning to enjoy the journey....kind's a growing experience...

  7. Yup.. I would swap llamas for motorhome fuel! Any day!

    You can always sneak into someone's field and shear their llamas when they aren't looking! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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