Friday, January 13, 2012


We have a new follower.  Rick from Rick and Paulette's rv Journal has joined us.  This morning I asked Rick for some help and he was "Johnny on the spot" with the answer.  Thanks Rick!  Hopefully, we will see you before you leave Palm Springs.  

The family room painting is complete!  Let's hear a rousing hurrah! The furniture is back in place and here I sit, enjoying the fruits of our labor....and more labor.....and more.  Did I tell  you that we have been working very hard on this room?  Oh, I did?  More than once, you say?  Oops.  

We are now ready to paint the kitchen.  Not much to paint in there.  Only the ceiling and between cabinets and counter top and the bulk head. That should be a snap......for young thirty somethings.  

I am astounded how much longer it takes us to get things done.  My head and heart say I'm thirty something.  My body says nope, sissa, you are a bit older than that.  But, by George, we keep on keepin on. 

I am pleased that I have adopted the gluten-free way of eating as one of my methods of fighting arthritis.  I can see a tremendous difference in my flexibility and pain levels.  

A month ago, we started another regimen.  It is a product called Zija.  Pronounced zeeeja.  Zija is an all natural beverage blended from the moringa plant.  Zija has increased our energy even more and made it possible for us to work long hours.  (that is if anyone is interested in long hours!)  

After the work on the house, we will not be working long hours, but we will be taking hikes in the desert, climbing mountains (small), and having a ball full timing!  

One added benefit of Zija is that I am for the first time in ages losing weight!  A friend lost twenty pounds over a few months and I have lost ten plus pounds in the last month!  And I am not dieting!  I am eating sensibly (kind of), but not on a calorie or carb restricted diet.

Do you remember the wonderful temperatures I was reporting?  Well, ain't no mo!  Right now, our temperature is sixteen degrees.  Now, ain't that special!  We still have the small barn to empty and it is going to be mighty cold out there.  But it is SUPPOSED to be in the forty's the middle of next week. 

For now, I am signing off with a picture of what Noah (the cat) graced us with.  I foolishly left the lid off the paint can and guess who put one foot right on the lid?  Yep, you are right....Mr. Noah!  Here is the proof!

Can you guess how I spent part of my day?  At least it was only one foot!  And do you see the crack between the board in right-center of the picture?  That is where I spilled the paint a few days ago.  It is now all cleaned!  No traces of klutzes.  

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God bless you on your Journey!


  1. You are an inspiration, Sista' Great Job..I bet you feel like dancing!

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  2. Well, maybe a slow dance that does not use any muscles. hehehe

  3. A rousing hurrah coming your way!!! So good to hear that Zija is working for you. I have never heard of it. Where do you buy it?
    Oh those cats get into everything don't they?

  4. I got the Zija from a friend that is marketing it. I'm seriously thinking about becoming a distributor. It has done so much good for John and I that I want to share it with friends and family.

  5. Yep, cats do things that just crack me up....and make me get down on the floor and wipe up the paint. Soooo much fun!

  6. Oohhh once I dumped a whole gallon of blue from ladder height (the handle broke on the can as I was lifting it) ... blue ALL OVER! Then the dog had to run through it, and around through the house with me chasing him!!! Round and round our house through kitchen, livingroom, diningroom, which made a race track circle! I think he made three laps before I caught him! Man oh man what a mess to clean up! Most was on hardwood, some on carpeting.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Oh no, cat paws! My family's old cat used to always jump up on the car with muddy paws right after it had been freshly washed. I swear, she did it on purpose...


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