Tuesday, January 31, 2012


For a long time (over two weeks, I think) I have not blogged.  When preparing to list a house for sale in order to full time, it gets pretty redundant to say we are working hard, but it is taking sooooo long to get everything done.  

As I told our realtor,  If we were thirty or forty or fifty something, we would be moving so much faster.  We are like lumbering turtles, slowly but steadily moving along.  It is difficult to guesstimate how soon we can actually put the house on the market.  Maybe three more weeds, if we are blessed with continued energy.

These are photos of what the weather was like here last year.  This year, the grass is still green.  Daffodils are reaching for the sky at five inches! (I'm sure the are in for a rude awakening some of these days.)

Discouragement is our enemy right now.  At the same time, we are so pleased with the mild January temperatures!  We have, unlike last winter, had no ice storms, no blizzards, no unbearably cold temperatures. 
This weather pattern has made it possible for us to work outside and in the barns getting ready for show and sell.  I actually feel a little heart flutter when I think of the  progress we have made.

Yesterday, we said good bye to our hot tub.  It is going to a new home in Minnesota!  The gentleman that is taking it is transporting it to his hunting / fishing cabin.  Another job checked off our outside to-do list!  (do you see the green grass? Compare that to the last winter pictures above.)

We have hired two workers to help us with the barns and oh, my.  The progress that is being made is wonderfully remarkable!  We are working in the barns and outside.  

top set of llama rug patterns

In the smaller barn I have llama and alpaca fiber that I must decide what to do with it.  I can send the lesser quality to Texas to be woven into rugs to sell.  

Knitting Yarn, Hand Dyed, 3oz.,  240 yds, DK 'Spring' fine wool, 2 ply, DKThen I can send the best quality fiber to Connecticut  to be spun into yarn to sell to those that knit, crochet or weave.  

Hand-dyed Roving - Merino Bamboo Nylon-7.9oz-DDS 0-26 But, I can also have some made into roving for me to dye, then spin or wet felt when we finally are able to start our full time journey.  I will probably choose all three options.  Just talking about  about fiber and traveling in the same blog is a joy!  Oh how I look forward to the future journey.  

Well, that's all for now.  Keep us in your prayers that we can keep turtleing along.  

God bless you all...


  1. Wow, you are making great progress! :) I am loving this winter as well - we are supposed to hit 50 degrees tomorrow!

  2. Jessica, it was 60 here today and 52 right now (6:00 PM)...can you believe it? What we are saving on winter utilities goes to fuel for the motorhome!

  3. So glad to hear that you are moving along so well. Great news about the hot tub. You can give a sigh of relief on that one.
    We have been thrilled for our families in Ohio for the wonderful weather. What a bonus for you two.
    You still have some big decisions to make on your fabrics and fibers. I don't envy you on that one.
    Prayers coming your way for strenght and patience. God Bless

  4. You are doing great. I know how difficult it is to sort through everything. I had to do that last July in my house in Minnesota. I don't even want to think about sorting through Bob's house in Michigan when the time comes especially since he can't help. It seems you have had a wonderfully mild winter, sometimes you were even warmer than we were in Alabama in December. Enjoy.

  5. Slow and steady wins the race! Hang in there. It's worth it. :)

  6. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way. You are very realistic about what a hard job it all is. ounds like you are moving along though!

  7. You'll get there eventually and the prize will be all the sweeter.

  8. Sounds like everyone is in agreement that you are definitely making headway. It took Kathy and I over two years to accomplish what your doing now. So keep yourself focused on the prize at the end of this ride. It will be worth it.

    It's about time.


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