Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weather Change!

For the better! We have gone from snow and almost zedro visibility to driving into the sun, puffy clouds and clean blue sky. The sun is soooo bright, we need air conditioning in the motorhome.

We stopped at the Arizona welcome center, picked up some information, I fixed lunch and we are back on the road. Something that amazes me is how the scenery changes dramatically with each passing mile. . It looks to me right now that we might be in the dessert, The Petrified Forrest is the next interchange. Off in the horizion, we see a gully, brown grass and then way off there are low (seemingly, form a distance) mountains. The diversity is amazing. Another thing that John and I have comment on is the lack of fencing. In the midwest, farm fields are separated by rows and rows of fencing. In Texas, New Mexico and now Arizona, we cannot tell where one property ends and another begins. The only fence we see is to separate the land from the interstate. Ok, we are goig to tumble on down the the road with the tumbleweed!

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