Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OH, Good Grief!

Today, we received a much anticipated telephone call from Edmundson RV. After their receiving parts that were defective and more parts that were the wrong parts, our motor home is ready. We can pick it up after lunch break tomorrow.

BUT...... Right now, there is rain falling....freezing rain.....or should I say that there is ice falling from the sky?? The forecast is that we are to have freezing rain. Enough freezing rain to cause power lines to fail, power outages to prevail, travel to come to a stand still.

Now keep in mind...we were supposed to leave here a month you hear me??? Four weeks ago! We have packed then unpacked and packed again then used clothing that we packed. We have repeated the laundry drill over and over...therefore we have the right to claim the title of repacking champions.

Right now, I am actually listening to rain falling - hard. Oliver went outside and slipped then fell on the ice covered patio. The snow that was already on the ground is now covered with a sheet of ice. What else can happen weather-wise? Geez. I think that next year we will leave here right after Christmas.

Nothing can be done about this. I can't change a thing, John can't change a thing...OH YES, we can change our attitudes. Enough whining.

We were to leave here and travel I 70 through ST Louis. This evening, after some research, we found that if we would go to Memphis then over to Oklahoma City, we would miss the bad weather conditions. Sounds good doesn't it. BUT, we must be able to get down to Edmundson's RV to pick up the motor home. Then we need to be able to get the motor home into our drive and to be able to load the things in the house into the motor home without falling and hitting our noggins, breaking an arm, or just landing on our bum! This is getting funny...kinda. If all else fails, it looks like things will be decent by Thursday, Friday at the latest.

We are looking forward to Joshua Tree National Park in California and Leo Carrillo State Beach, CA. When we arrive, all this will be a memory. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing NancyJo.

What do you think? When will we get out of here?

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