Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farmer's Markets, Languages and Repairs, Oh My

After we arrive Friday afternoon, we went to the Farmer's Market in Monrovia, CA....oh my! The fresh veggies and fruit. We purchased blueberries, strawberries and wonderful cakes. Like I said, oh my!

We went to Wally World night before last. We were looking for a propane heater for our camping expiditions in the desert where there will be no hook ups and it gets quite cold in the desert at night. Nancy Jo has a heater and it is quite nice. We could not find it. Of course, our daughter being who she is, went on and found our Buddy (name of heater).  He arrived at her office today.

Back to Wally World. While there, we did a bit of grocery shopping. As we walked down the bread isle, note, I said bread. I saw the largest display of tortillas I've ever seen. There were more tortillas than loaves of bread! Corn tortillas, wheat name it, it was there! All 20 feet of tortillas! 

We also have noticed that we are a minority in LA. With the Mexicans, the Japanese, Indians, etc., etc., we are but a drop in the bucket called the world.   But that's what the U.S. is all about, isn't it? The land of opportunity. We as a people, get so out of shape with the illegals. But I've had my eyes opened a bit. What if I were living south of the boarder? What if I had no way to provide for my family in a way that would not be at poverty level? What would I/you do? Would you try to get across the boarder to find a job that would help your family?  The problem is how do we keep the bad out?  There must be a way. 

I know, it is breaking the law. I agree, it IS breaking the law. But is the law right? Who else will do the "grunt" work? Who does that "grunt" work and does it 10 times better than a citizen of the U.S? Maybe we should take a good look at our immigration laws. Just thinking.......

We washed windows on the motor home today. Clean motor home, clean windows inside and out.  I'm glad that our work is over and we will have clear windows as we head out to Leo Carrillo State Beach tomorrow. I know, I have totally butchered the name of this place all week, but finally, I have the name/spelling right...

The motor home has given us no problems, save one. One of the things we had done before we left was the toilet. The "flapper" whatever was not working properly. Well, it now opens and closes, BUT we discovered on our journey west that the carpeting in the bathroom and hall was getting a bit damp....then it was getting a lot damp, then it was totally soaked! And, boy did it smell!

Saturday, we ripped out out the carpeting in the hall and part of the bathroom. Oh my, what can I say? Jojo brought over a bottle of enzymes that you use to get rid of pet odors, doused the floor with it and we set a heater/fan on it to dry.

The problem continued. So Monday, John rips out more of the carpeting. (He is an ANGEL!) The only carpet that is left now is right under the vanity and the way to remove this. Now we can see where the water is coming from and running.

We have made some modifications to our actions and have stopped the leak. Now to get this back to Edmundson RV and have them fix this properly.

The funny thing is that a couple from Illinois with a RV parked next to us the last two nights. They had a problem with their RV....guess what part. Yep, you are right...the toilet. Interesting.

Well, it could be worse. We feel that we are totally blessed. Everything else is working as it should.

When we arrived, Jojo and Cathie surprised us with flowers and books to read. I finished my book this morning. What a compelling book. The name of the book is Help.  This book is set in the early 1960's in Jackson, Mississippi. What an eye-opener. It is a must read!

From sunny California, to our friends scattered about....good night and we will see you on the road tomorrow....

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