Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leo Carillo St Beach and Park

 What a lovely week end!  Kind of!!  Southern California was expecting a "winter storm".  In Indiana, that would mean snow and more snow, but nope!  Here it means rain and more rain.  A minimum of 3 inches was expected and snow was predicted at an elevation as low as 2000 feet. 

The commute to Leo Carillo was uneventful.  Beautiful mountains and moderate traffic made for the good great beginning of a holiday week end celebrating Presidents Day.  It seems to me that it is a bigger holiday than in Indiana.  We pulled into the park and got things settled in motor home.  Ground squirrels were playing tag and disappearing into their abundant holes in the ground.  Two young deer graised within 5 feet of our front window.  Each plucking the heads of vibrant, wild Black Eyed Susans

Then, the winter storm rushed in.  The sound of the wind rushing down from the mountain tops was fascinating.  At first I had no idea what we were hearing, but when we felt the rocking of the motor home, we understood.    As the rain fell, it gave the appearance of fine silk curtains closing of the scenery of the lush green mountainside.  The sound of the rain provided a backdrop of music as we read our books.  Friday night's final scene was more rain, thunder and lightning with one bolt of lightning that looked and felt as if it had hit just beyond our motor home.  Noah, the cat, ran to the front of the motor home and hid under my seat.  I didn't have a seat that I could hide under - rats! 

Saturday, brought periods of rain and then not rain.It was a good chance to read more and nap a little.  Late Saturday afternoon, we made it to the beach.  It was cold and rainy, so we didn't stay long.    We came back to the motor home and Jojo fixed the most delish  tenderloin roast, cus cus and cherry cobbler.  Oh my, it was to die for.

Sunday, was a tad warmer and off to the beacha we went. Jojo, being the avid photographer she is, took photograph after photograph.  John, Cathy and I walked the dogs and looked for sea glass.  We were on a beach filled with rock on a bed of sand.  Being accustomed to the east coast, this was an interesting experience.  Walking on all those rocks was challenging and boy, did it leave us with very tired legs. 

I called our daughter, Karen as she had called us while we were in the canyon and had no phone or internet reception.  The news she shared was terrific.  Grandson Zack and his wife Danielle had a 6 pound 10 oz. 19 inch long baby boy!  They even sent a picture and oh, my, all that black hair.  It's not a good thing that we will not be able to see our Jackson Mann! 

Monday, we had only a half day at the beach before it was time for Jojo and Cathy to head for home and for John and I to head to Santa Barbara.  We did find some sea glass and I watched the surfers.  I'm glad it wasn't me in that cold water, wet suit or not. 

Sunday night and Monday morning (all though the night) I kept hearing scratching.  At first, I thought it was something trying to move our tubs of firewood.  Then, I tougjht it was an animal trying to get into Jojo's food locker, but then I decided trhat we must have left one of the basement doors open and we had those ground squirrels in our basement.  Then, I fell asleep.  Monday, at breakfast, Jojo said she heard the same thing and we concluded that it must have been raccoons. 

Now, what will we find ahead???  We will see tomorrow. 

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