Sunday, August 3, 2014


Yesterday, granddaughter, Megan hosted a family cookout. We had a ball with family.

Harper has such a sweet spirit and loves her baby sister so much!  Harper wants to take part in "sissas" every day life.  She does a great job of feeding Emerson under mom, Meg's supervision.  

Do you remember feeding your child and finding your mouth open as your hand with a spoon loaded with yummies approaches the baby's mouth?

Emi is starting to take control of food that she can eat with her hands.  

Family cookouts on a summer night  #100happydays

Yesterday, John and I took fresh picked corn on the cob. Guess who loved her little cob of corn?

I have no idea what Blogger has done with this photo.  It cannot be changed!  

Before we left for the cook out, John applied 303 Aerospace Protectant  to the motorhome and Miata tires.  The 303 protects our tires from the harmful UV rays of the sun when applied monthly.  Such an easy task resulting protection and extending the life of our tires.  

You can find the 303 Aerospace Proctectant by clicking on the Amazon, end of year deals at the upper right of this blog.  

You will find it in Automotive Supplies.  We earn a little reward from Amazon for your purchased through our blog, and it does not add to the cost of your purchase.  

Not walking for exercise is really hard for me.  I feel like a am a slug when I do not, at least, achieve my 10,000 steps each day.  And I am not even coming close.  

I did walk the dogs for three thousand steps today, says my Fitbit.  But the rest of today is going to be spent behind my sewing machine.  Being only five feet tall, I need to put new hems in a couple of pair of jeans.  

The Miata is repaired, beautifully.  Thanks to Hunter Auto Care in Whiteland, IN.  Check them out on Angie's List. 

The last appointment we have is Tuesday.  If our eyes check out with positive results from our tune-up, we will be free to leave.  Can you believe it?  Free to go!  Mixed emotions...

Thanks for joining us.  We look forward to your comments.  

And thanks to all of you who make your Amazon purchases through our blog.  

May God Bless y'all!   


  1. Your grands are adorable! What a great helper Harper will be for her mommy.

    Love 303, have used it for years with great success. Tires are expensive, a little treatment goes a long way to making them last a full life. :c)

    1. Harper is a hoot! She did not talk for the longest time and now........well, I can't describe how much she talks. Her mama was the same way at that age.

      Maybe I learned about 303 from you!

  2. Oh my goodness, those two children are gorgeous. How cute to see Harper feeding Emerson. I don't think I have ever seen a baby eat corn on the cob.

    1. They are such opposites. Harper is light skinned, blond silk for hair.

      Emerson is darker skin (Native American heritage way back when), dark hair

      Emi gnawed on the cob of corn more than ate it. If she ate two kernels, at the most.

  3. I didn't think there was anyone left on Earth as short as I am. Can I contract you to hem all the things I wear that drag on the ground because there is no room for a sewing machine and I hate to hem. Let me repeat how much over my lifetime I have grown to hate to hem. Congrats on "almost" being on the road again!

  4. Truthfully Sherry, I am actually 4' 11 1/2".....but I fudge the half inch once in a while.

    The sewing machine I have is a Janome, It weighs only five pounds makes a very small footprint. It is perfect for RV living. And it can be found on Amazon. I got the very least expensive one and it does what I need. So far, I have made a roman shade for our bathroom, and now hemmed the jeans.

  5. Great to have some family time, and soon be on the road again.
    Enjoy these things while you can.

    1. We sure do enjoy our family! Going to really miss them when we leave.

  6. What adorable great grandchildren! Yes, I do remember opening my mouth with every spoonful. As a matter of fact, it was difficult to look at Harper feeding Emerson and not want to open my mouth.

    Welcome back to the road I hope:)

  7. Short people rule! You and Sherry would make me look (and feel) tall at 5'3"! I was so happy when rolled up jeans came back in style :-).
    Your granddaughters are adorable and must have made this extended "sitting still" time so much sweeter. Love their names too - they will be strong women I'm sure.
    So this is travel week for you at long last. Hope the weather cooperates for your Kentucky trip!

  8. Family is fun, but I'm glad you are soon going to be able to go back on the road.

  9. Hey, you are tall enough to play center on a BB team! I just could not do the rolled up jeans. Yep, we plan to leave here Sunday morning! Yee haw!

  10. I"m with Sherry. I hate to hem things too, but I do have a sewing machine onboard....just never use it.

  11. Beautiful children! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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