Wednesday, August 20, 2014


With John's checkups completed and Emi's baptism, we left Indianapolis/Greenwood.  We were on our way to Wilmore, Kentucky to visit friends.  

Wilmore is a typical small university town, home of Asbury University and Asbury Theological Seminary.  It is also the new home of almost lifelong friends.  

John working on a minor glitch with the water heater.
We moochdocked in the circular drive for a week as I helped Lolita sort through "stuff" as they had downsized a bit and needed to eliminate many of Lolita's treasures dating back to great, great grandparents.  What a difficult time she has to let things go, but she is making headway.  

Oliver, Olivia and Noah were thrilled to have a place to run and play without having to be on lead.  We just left the motorhome door open and they came and went at will.

5570The time was not all work though.  We managed to have visited three wonderful restaurants. Monday, we were introduced to Ramsey's, located in Nicholasville.  This time I was almost good and had their vegetable plate then splurged on coconut cream pie. How can anyone resist these beauties?

Malones1Tuesday we celebrated Lolita's birthday and John's and my anniversary at Malone's, again located in neighboring Nicholasville.  John and I temporarily gave up our vegetarian lifestyle for the most delicious Prime Fillet Oscars. Melt in the mouth delicious.  Desert? Sure, why not! John had the monster chocolate chip cookie desert topped with ice cream.  I had their famous Chess Pie. We left in a food coma.  

Thursday, I fixed a vegetarian meal in order to make up for the previous night of indulgence.  

We visited the Kentucky River Palisades rising over two hundred fifty feet above the river offering a dramatic view of both the river and the Palisades.  The rocks are said to be over four hundred million years old and the oldest exposed rocks in Kentucky.  

From our viewing point, we were able to see spanning the Kentucky river, High Bridge, the one thousand, one hundred twenty five feet long and highest cantilever bridge in the United states.  Thus the name High Bridge.

 We also had a driving tour of Asbury University and Wilmore.  Wilmore is a great town in which to retire.  Condominiums have been and are being constructed in the area. With the university with it's cultural events, quiet rural living near the larger cities of Nicholasville and Lexington just minutes away, people have the best of all worlds.....unless it is living and traveling full time in our motorhomes and fifth wheels.  

Our last culinary experience was at the Kentucky Depot Restaurant in Stanford.  There we indulged in fried catfish. Oh yum!  We have decided that she has the best catfish we have experienced.  

Not only that, there is a gift shop not to be ignored!  It was filled with treasures that she had just brought back from the Atlanta Marketplace.  Would you believe that I drooled over a few things, but used self control.  (now, why did I do that???)

Saturday, we began our trek westward.  Our goal was to visit Abe Lincoln's boyhood home near Dale, Indiana.  Only one problem.  Rain and more rain.  Bucket upon buckets of rain...raining cats and dogs rain.  Therefore after spending the night in Dale, we drove on westward, in the rain, toward St. Louis.  More on that next time.  

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Until next time....God's blessings on each of you.  


  1. A belated happy anniversary to you, Nan and John!

  2. I love good catfish and they don't have much of that in the Pacific NW! Of course, there it's halibut and salmon. Congratulations on finally getting out of Indiana.

  3. Glad you two are on the road again. I bet it feels reallllllll good!

    Palisades looks like a lovely area. I bet in the fall those trees are outstanding.

    Happy belated anniversary. Wishing you two many, many more.

  4. Posting pictures of those pies was just wrong in so many ways... ;c)

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your friends. Those pie pictures are making me drool. Not good for my keyboard. Happy belated anniversary. I thnik that was a fine celebration. Hope the rain has left you alone by now. Safe travels.

  6. Happy Anniversary - better late than never. So glad you are moving. Feels so good to have those wheels rolling.

  7. Hope you enjoy Lincoln's boyhood home. We found it a bit underwhelming:(

  8. Looks like you have been having a great time. We love Kentucky and think that we could easily spend a month or more just touring around the state. Hope the rain clears up for you, it's no fun driving in the rain and missing all the beautiful scenery.

  9. Happy Anniversary end now enjoy your time on the road.

  10. Yay! You're underway! I can sure relate to the tough love needed to help friends with downsizing - it is much harder for some to let things go. Happy Anniversary to you both. How lovely to celebrate with long-time friends and great dessert :-). I'm fascinated by big bridges and that one is pretty amazing. Safe travels; so glad you're headed west at last!

  11. Yeah....back on the road. Love KY...see you are in MO like us.... All we heard was how cool and beautiful it's been, now, we can't find enough air :). Enjoy that town.


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