Friday, August 22, 2014


I have been totally frustrated with the cloudiness of our headlights and tail lights since last June, when I did the three step procedure of cleaning up and waxing our Tiffin Allegro Bus.  

Monday, we pulled into the Rathburn Lake and Dam Campground in Centerville, Iowa.  Tuesday, I attacked the headlights and tail lights with the 3M 39008 Headlight Restoration System from  

Oh, My!  What a difference a few minutes makes! 
Take a look at this....





AND, do you see the shine on the exterior of the motorhome????  That is all from the use of the Mother's Three Step Clean and Wax System from our location in the top right portion of our blog....even though it says something about year end

As to bugs.....we are plagued with what I would call gnats and large gnats!  They are absolutely driving me bonkers.  So if any of you know how to get rid of these critters, please let me know....

Our router to Centerville, Iowa took us through the little town of  Shelbina, Mo and a restaurant, Buckhorn BBQ!

This is exactly why we love to travel the roads less traveled.

Where else can you find an award winning BBQ Restaurant in Missouri or Iowa????  You cannot!

Not only did we eat the best BBQ that we have tasted, but we found a small town establishment that is worth a detour off Interstate 70 on U.S. 36. Shelbina, Missouri is your delectable destination!  Be sure to tell them Nan and John sent you!

The restaurant is definitely not the Ritz!  But is hometown, America.  A business we want to keep flourishing!

On the walls we find the jerseys of local athletes who have "made it big"  in athletics.

This wall represents the two smallest schools in the area that have produced some of the best athletes in the mid-west.  

Displayed are jerseys from high school athletes who have gone on to play at numerous universities, even the United States Naval Academy.

I wish I had taken a photo of our full rack of ribs rack of ribs that  we  shared, but we were too busy enjoying our non-vegetarian meal, once again. Oh, oh, we need to be getting back on the wagon, don't we?  The only problem>>>>the scales are showing the results.

We try to eat the plant based diet for reason of better health and weight loss, but there are times that we slip into the bad, old ways of eating.

We have been staying at Rathburn Lake in Centerville, Iowa for the last 5 days.  Centerville is the hometown of my father and I have come to learn more about my family history.

I have not learned much about my family history, but the campground is a treat.  What solitude we have experience in the last week.     We have been the only inhabitants of the campground and have the freedom to allow Oliver and Olivia to romp as they will.

One thing I did learn today is that there is a town with my name.  It rivals New York City and Los Angles for size and population.  Here is a photo of the metropolis....

Welcome to the booming city of Monteith, Iowa!

I did not know it existed until a trip today to the Centerville, Iowa museum.

We are definitely planning to tour the town as we head north into Minnesota next week.  Stay tuned for the elaborate descriptions of the town with my family name!

I have visited the county museum, the county courthouse and the library in town.  My research has not produced much that I did not know already, but I have loved walking the courthouse square and surrounding streets that my father must have walked as a teen.

I have learned that my father graduated from Exline, Iowa high school as number one or number two in his graduating class.  But there were just two students in his class. So I am sure he was number one!

My father went on to the University of Iowa to study Pharmacy although he wanted to study medicine and become a physician.  Because his mother had been widowed seven year earlier, my father had to take a shorter path in order to help provide for his younger sibling, still at home.

Oops, I have been providing information to our family that he lefty behind and that I am sure is boring y'all, so I quit here.

Thanks to all for stopping by and sharing our experiences as we travel the roads that most avoid.  May God bless you regardless the roads you take, be it the interstates of North America, or the small, less traveled highways.

Also a huge thanks to you who shop through our Amazon link....

AND thanks to all who shop through our crazy Amazon link at the upper right area of this blog stating "year end deals".....someday....someday, Rick will once again teach me how to update this link.

Until next time.....looking forward to your comments!  And may God bless you as you go about your daily living.....


  1. We rarely find ourselves on the big interstates. Sometimes they do feel less stressful than the two lane back roads, but there is so much less to see. I am really enjoying our country! If you can stick to the plant based diet most of the time, a good rib dinner isn't going to be all that bad. Just balance it out with more veggies in the future.

  2. I hadn't thought about cleaning the tail lights. That will be my next project after I order the 3M kit.

  3. I'll be interested to see how long the headlights stay that way. We've used all kinds of "miracle ingredients" to restore our headlights only to find out that they are worse after a few weeks.
    We love the back roads, it's amazing the things you find.

  4. Nice job on the lights I did ours a while ago really makes things looks much better.

  5. When we had the Phaeton, Paul did the same thing to our headlights. Makes them look like new. Good job.

    We love "off the beaten" path places to eat. They are always so friendly and the food delicious.

    I can barely wait to see your photos of Monteith. Looks like a very (to say the least) interesting town. Enjoy your tour. Takes lots of water for your downtown tour. It might take you a long time to see all the sights.

  6. Lv that park....Iowa has some of the best COE! How fun finding all that family glad your back on the road!!

  7. Finding one's history is always an interesting way of enjoying life.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. I find the stories of people's lives and the reasons for the decisions they made very interesting.

  9. I loved reading your family story. I've done lots of visiting old towns, old cemeteries, courthouses and libraries to get information. It's a mystery and I've been working on it for about 35 years. I'm guessing my hunger to solve those mysteries will continue until I can't do it anymore.

  10. I hope you find a solution to the gnats - especially if they have found their way inside the MH. They are so annoying and I have not found a long-term means of repelling them. COPD makes many of the options off-limits so you have your work cut out for you :-(. I'm fortunate to have a few albums from the 1900's from both of my parent's families - but I am looking forward to "walking the same streets" where they spent their childhoods as well. Safe travels.

  11. We will have to try that bbq place, love us some bbq.

  12. Wow those lights look great! Very nice job. I think I may tackle that tomorrow especially after hearing you say it only takes minutes. Music to my ears. As for gnats, get somewhere cooler and less humid I'd say. Minnesota might just do it. Interesting information about your family.....not boring at all. Our families make us who we are.


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