Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It is said that a RVer's play book is written in Jello.  

Today, we found that all of our magnificent plans are a colorful melted mess.

Today, we were watching our local noon news and weather and what they had to say made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  That terrible snow storm in Minnesota is heading our way.  There is a good possibility of freezing rain and up to eight inches of snow.  Temperatures are predicted to plummet to the single digits.  Cold weather and humidity are two enemies of John's health. 

John had to start taking antibiotics and a steroid eleven days ago and is still struggling to beat the bug that has attacked his respiratory system. 

We were to have our Christmas with Holly, Lucy and Ross tomorrow, Thursday, night just when the weather system is   to arrive.

Granddaughter, Megan, is to have a birthday on Friday and we wanted to share that day with her. 

We have been waiting for the part for our refrigerator that Norcold had published a recall.  It still is not in after weeks of waiting.  We arrived at Camping World in Indianapolis October 16th.  Yikes!  

Needless to say, we had a hard decision to make as we sat and looked at the weather map and listened to the weather man.  

Finally and reluctantly, we made the decision to leave all of our plans melting in the Jello dish, and do what we knew was right for John's health and our safety. Right now, we are on Interstate 65 heading south.

I am thankful that we do not just have to "wobble on."  We have a loving God that directs our paths and helps make decisions clear as to what we should do.

Not all decisions are as clear as today's, but I love the fact that we are not alone in our daily walk.   

Our departure this afternoon was delayed for an hour by a dead battery.  It seems that just sitting for a long time does not make our battery happy. We are trying to figure out if something is drawing power from the battery as we sit in Camping World's lot. 

Camping world to the rescue.  They charged the battery and we are on our way.   We are thankful for our Camping World family.  The recall part did not arrive today as they had hoped.  As I said, we have been in their lot since mid October. Of course we shopped there to say thank you for their hospitality.  

Tiffin MotorHomesOur destination is Red Bay, Alabama.
Red Bay is the Home of Tiffin Motorhomes.

There are repairs to be made to the motorhome where in Yuma, Arizona, John had a fight with a boulder and the boulder won.  In addition to repairing the damage and having the leveling jacks repaired, we will let them fix the wiring to the the microwave-convection oven.

Thanks for stopping in to read today's blog. AND thank you to those that clicked on the Amazon link at the top right side of the blog and shopped through our blog.  

Our reason for teaming up with Amazon is that John's out of pocket expenses for all his drugs is mounting and making a huge dent in our monthly budget.  The small percentage that Amazon pays from each order you place is greatly appreciated.  

I wonder where we will be tomorrow at this time.  Come back tomorrow and see.  For now.....God bless each of you.  



  1. Not sure you're going to find much warm weather anywhere. We're having highs in the 50's and lows possibly below freezing. Supposed to last until next week. Prayers that you will be safe as you travel and that John will feel better. Think about you often.

    1. Just for tonight, we have gained ten degrees from Indianapolis to Elizabethtown, KY. I know, i know, this is not going to last. But it feels and smells so good here.

  2. Hope you get to your destination by Friday. That storm is coming down south too. Safe travels...

  3. We will probably be in Red Bay. Actually, Map Quest says that it is just over nine hours south of Indianapolis. Could make it in two days, but I think we will just take it easy.

  4. Have a safe trip, and it's sad when plans have to be adjusted, but maybe that just means something better is around the corner.

  5. So sorry to hear you had to cancel all your plans. I know everyone will miss you. But health is the one thing we cannot do without. I hope the cold doesn't reach you in Red Bay. We have had to come half way down the state of Florida to finally find it is actually warm.

    1. Tell you what......I miss them already. If the cold reaches us in Red Bay, it surely will not be in the single digits that Indiana is expecting. So glad you are finally warm. Now...go enjoy.

  6. Keeping you two in our prayers for safe travels and recovery for John.

    We were sorry to read that you had to change your family plans. But it is much better to be safe than sorry.

    1. Thank you for your prayers.

      We are sorry too. Even though I know missing our Christmas with family was the right thing, I am really feeling blue this morning.

  7. i think this is going to be a cold winter. Hope you find some sun and warmer temperatures. I remember looking to spring to clear winter colds.

    1. I hope we do too. After our stop at Tiffin, we will head to Q for at least the month of January. Last year we had good and bad days, but they were ALL better than Indiana weather, by far.

  8. Travel safe and hope you don't this weather we are having here in north west Texas right now.


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