Tuesday, December 17, 2013


We have been at the Tiffin Allegro Campground for ten days. 

Cabin fever has set in, but thankfully, the sun shines today and the temperature is fifty five degrees.  Oliver, Olivia and I took a bit of a hike today.  

First, we went to the Tiffin service department to see where in the Que we are.  I am told they will probably get to us Wednesday or Thursday, but to come back to the office to get a better guesstimate. 

That gives them three days to accomplish the work that needs to be done, with the exception of the body work. They suggested, to speed work along, that we contract the work out to an ex-employee who has a stellar work record.  And since we pay the ex, the cost would be less.  

Can't beat that. Faster and lest cost! The work is still going to cost twelve thousand, seven hundred some dollars.

Camping World's estimate is right in line with Tiffin's price. Thank goodness for good Insurance.   

Continuing our walk,Oliver and Olivia stop to greet a gentleman leaving his 2014 Allegro Open Road.  The gentleman turns out to be some of you might have met, Lou Finkle. 

Lou is an interesting guy: He lived with several different families until he was sixteen years old when he ran away from "home." He hiked along the East coast at sixteen, served in the Navy four years, backpacked the Sahara Desert, the Appalachian Trail and toured several states by bicycle.  To top it off, Lou has a PHD in clinical Psychology, is now retired, a widower, and loves to attend RV rallies.  

Lou even teaches seminars on a wide variety of subjects at some of the rallies.  Some of the seminars focus on the ageing RV er, dementia, Alzheimer's and planning for the future.  

The sun is shining brightly, there is little wind and the temperature is great.  I think I will go for another hike.  Who knows who I will meet or what I will see this time!  

Thanks for stopping by to read our blog.  

And a huge thank you to those that shop at the Amazon link at the top right of this blog.  This small amount that we earn from your shopping trips helps reduce the huge amount of out-of-pocket expenses we pay for John's prescriptions.  You are a blessing to us.

God bless


  1. I haven't read it on your blog so I will ask, have you taken the paint shop your? It is a wonderful experience. Or visit the Helen Keller museum.

    1. No paint shop yet. Still waiting for body work.

      Did not do the Helen Keller Museum yet either. I have a feeling we are going to be here over Christmas, so probably will do it when Tiffin is closed for Christmas week.

  2. At least you got out of the house which is a good thing. Hang in there - you will be free someday soon. And you're right - thank goodness for insurance.

  3. The walk was good. It looks like the body work is going to be what hangs us up. I think we will be lucky to be in Q by the first of the year. When are you in Yuma?

  4. I think I'd take a hike more often if I could meet interesting people. Of course, the best news is getting your work done, faster and sooner. Lots of luck with all of that!

  5. The problem with that is that I do not accomplish as much distance as I would like.

  6. WOW that bill would be a killer for us. I'll be interested to see what cost so much. Maybe we'd better rethink insurance. Sure glad you have it. I know you are too. Still crossing my fingers you are out by vacation day.

  7. Wellll, two basement doors, water tank, back bumper, they have to cut out a portion of the frame (it is bent), repaint, wheel well, sub flooring....labor etc.....

    If we are out by their last day before vacation, it will be a miracle! I know, miracles do happen.

  8. Would you please let us know what companies you use for insurance? I will have to change to one that does insurance for full timming. Our extended warrantee is still good for a year, but the coverage stinks. They did cover half of the cost to replace one jack, but it took three months to get the check! You said "thank goodness for good insurance." we need some advice.

  9. Nan...what a hoot! We were walking at a Estuary on Weeks Bay by here by Foley and ran into the same guy. We sat at the marsh and heard some of his tales...very interesting. Said he had a Tiffin and I said I follow a woman stuck at Tiffin. He proceeds to tell me you took his picture so just had to come see....there he is! Small world!


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