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Forty-six miles northeast of Louisville, Kentucky is Clifty Falls State Park.  Clifty Creek Canyon stretches from north to south through the park.

Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park.jpgTwo creeks run through the park, Clifty Creek and the Little Clifty Creek.  The last time we visited the park some of the hikes were disappointing as there were now boardwalks instead of hiking paths. Some of the boardwalks did not allow the close-up views of the canyon. But, some provided safety for the hiker while giving a beautiful view of the canyon below.  

File:The Tunnel Trail.JPG

A great day trip from Clifty Falls State Park is the town of Madison, Indiana, also located on the Ohio River.  

Jefferson County Courthouse, Madison, Indiana

Open for tours, the Greek Revival Lanier Mansion and Gardens are located on the Ohio River. The next best thing to living on the ocean is living on a river.  
File:Lanier Mansion closeup.JPG

File:Lanier Mansion garden.JPG
The gardens with the Ohio River and Kentucky on the opposite side of the river. 

Built by Irish laborers, the Madison and Indianapolis Railroad was built in 1835.  At that time the population and size of Madison was greater than the capitol of Indiana, Indianapolis.  

File:Madison Indiana Depot.JPG

The Federal Style architecture of the Schofield House, once known as the Lanier-Schofield House is a striking contrast to the Lanier Mansion. Serving as the first two story home and tavern, the house welcomed travelers on land and on the Ohio River.  

On January 13, 1818, in a large room on the second floor of the house, the Grand Lodge of the Indiana Free Masons was organized.  It has been said that the large room was originally intended for guests as they traveled through Madison. 

File:Schofield House blueroom.JPG

Schofield House: Tavern keepers room

Considering my love of fiber and spinning yarn, I just had to add this photo of the kitchen where the Great Wheel sometimes known as a Walking Wheel was kept in order that the spinner would be by the fireplace for warmth as she spun her wool into yarn.  

Schofield House: Parlor

Take a walk down Main Street and enjoy the diverse architectural styles.  

File:Madison IN Main Street.JPG

The Classic Revival Style of the Charles Strewsbury house added to the diversity architectural styles in Madison.  My favorite part of this house is the grand circular stairway. 

The beauty of this house was on the inside rather than the, what I consider the stark exterior.  

Humm, isn't that just what we desire to find in people we meet? 

A major stop on the Underground Railroad, many homes in Madison served as a haven and resting place for slaves as they worked their way further north and to freedom and safety. 

From main street in Madison, you can access the cross streets to lovely historic homes and shopping.  In many of these old buildings and  homes converted to shops, you will be able to access more history and architecture of Madison.   


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