Saturday, November 16, 2013


Sitting at Camping World awaiting for the refrigerator part and doctor appointments has made us venture out and about Indianapolis.  Over the next two weeks I will share a few of our favorite places with you.  

The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Just under four miles from the center of Indianapolis, was founded in 1883. The museum is located on one hundred acres and is one of the ten largest and oldest art museum in the nation containing gardens, art galleries and the museum itself.  

IndianapolisMuseumofArt.jpgThe museum has over fifty-four thousand works spanning five thousand years.  The IMA displays, African, American, Asian, European and contemporary art, textiles and fashion art as well as a growing  collection of design arts.  

If you visit Indianapolis in the first Saturday in September, Penrod Art Fair at the Museum grounds is a premier outdoor art show and sale.  

Indianapolis Museum of Art is located in IndianapolisThe grounds offer trails to follow the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park taking you through one hundred acres of woodlands, wetlands and meadows.  You will have the opportunity to visit the greenhouses and gardens as well as Oldfields-Lilly House and Gardens as you walk through the Nature Park.  

Museum Scenery

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is a five story adventure containing 120,000 artifacts in just under 500,000 square feet of space.  

Lucy and Ross wear us out when we take them there.  

The mastodon skull exhibit.....The museum encourages 

children to touch many of their exhibits, such as this one.  

You might think the Children's Museum, located to downtown Indy, is only for children, but adults enjoy it as much as the kiddos.  

Soldiers and Sailors Monument

The center of Indianapolis is Monument Circle located in one of the first Round-a-bouts in the United states.  If you take the north route, you can go to the Children's Museum.  If you go south, you enter the major shopping area including Circle Center Mall, the Art's Garden and the Wholesale District.

A couple of blocks south and one block west is Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts.  

Taking the west route, you will arrive at the Indiana State House and Capitol Building.
Traveling west of the Capitol building for two or three blocks, you are going to find the NCAA headquarters and the Hall of Champions for all of you college basketball fans.  

John and I have not been there, so I cannot give you a first-person report, but I read that it has a tremendous display.

The Eiteljorg Museum of Native American and Western History is a place you do not want to miss and again is in walking distance of the center of Indianapolis.                                                       
 A June visit will provide the opportunity to attend and shop at the Indian Market and Festival.

When, not if you are ready to eat, here is a link to all the restaurants.  We have frequented many of these places. Harry and Izzy's is one of our favorites and highly recommended.  Just follow the link to see more of the places to satisfy your appetite and pocketbook.  

Till next time and another tour of Indianapolis....God bless you and your walk in life.  


  1. This was a fun read. I enjoyed Indianapolis when I resided at Ft. Benjamin Harrison in 1968.

    1. Indy has changed so much since Fort Ben Closed. Actually, most of it is now a state park. There is more to come in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

  2. Lovely header photo.

    I love the idea of having a trail at the Museum.

    I didn't know Indianapolis offered so much to see. What an awesome area.

  3. Indianapolis offers even more. In the next two weeks, I will share so much.

  4. Hi, Nan,

    I have a friend who lives in Fishers which is a suburb of Indianapolis. I am hoping to get up there to see her one of these days so it's nice to have a snap shop of Indy. I wanted to buy something from Amazon, but your link is not working.

    1. I have been trying to get this Amazon link working and am having a terrible luck at all. Hopefully, when Amazon has working hours I can get in touch with them and get the link fixed.

      Fishers is about 40 minutes from us. Lucy's gymnastics is in Fishers, wo when we are home, we spend a lot of time there.

  5. Who knew there was so much so see and do in Indianapolis. I was born and raised in Dayton Ohio and never once went to Indianapolis. Of course I never went to Columbus either until I went to OSU in college. No wonder all I want to do is travel. :-) Looking forward to seeing more. Love the idea of a Fort becoming a state park.

    1. There is even more to do. I think that it will take me all of two weeks to cover everything that I want to share.

      Early in our marriage, we went to Dayton for a weekend getaway. It was a lovely town and we had our first experience with soft pretzels there. Even went back years later just for the pretzels, but could not find the shop.


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