Sunday, October 20, 2013


The title of today's blog is also a song that is sung each year at the Indianapolis 500.  It us usually sung by Indiana natives, Florence Henderson, Jim Neighbors and others.  

I was happy to be back home with my girls and grands.  I started to choke up about four blocks from Holly's home. John could not drive the motorhome fast enough through the busy Indianapolis streets to suit me.  

My plan was to surprise Holly, Lucy and Ross.  The house was dark. The surprise was on me.  The kiddo's gymnastic classes are now on Wednesday nights instead of last year's Monday nights.  

The "surprises" for our firstborn, Karen on Thursday since it was her birthday.  Now, that surprise did work out.  She was totally surprised and her mom had wet cheeks, once again.  A year is a long time not to see one's children.  I have no idea how we ever went so long without seeing Jojo.  

Karen is assistant director of an inner city center for the homeless and anyone who needs emotional, spiritual, economic help for their families.  

For the children in the area Karen is using her artistic abilities to run a very successful program called Art in the City.  She teaches the students all forms of art.  Many of her lessons are based on the works of famous artists.   The photos speak for themselves.  
An example of Karen's talent.
The rest you will see is the student's art works in various stages of completion.
A student's work in progress


"Angry Birds" ready to be fired in one of the kilns.


Students learn that they can create art from anything, even cardboard!

This is a project, again based on a famous artist's work. It was made from recycled plastic bottles that were, cut in spirals, painted then  hot glued together

When our visit was over, we went into Indianapolis and Stout's shoe store to try to find hiking shoes for this winter. Stouts is touted to be the oldest shoe store in the United States. Stouts opened their doors in 1886 and survived two world wars and the Great Depression. I remember shopping there with my grandmother as well as my parents. 


When I visited I would always visit with the store mascot, a Parrot.  Today, Ripley, a Macaw is the star of the show. 

When a pair of shoes is selected, the salesperson loads the box with the shoes into a basket and sends it to the balcony where the cashier finalizes the sale, wraps the box in brown paper, like a gift and sends the purchase zipping from the balcony back down to the sales person. 
 Next on our route was to finally see Holly, Lucy and Ross.  It was a very quick visit as they were on their way to get hair cuts.  

Last on our list was to stop at our granddaughter's home to see Megan and Harper.  Adam was at work, so we missed him.  

When we left for the southwest in December, Harper was an almost two year old that chose not to talk.  Let me tell you, this little one has found her voice and uses it every minute she is awake.  And not one word at a time either.  She carries on in full sentences.  

What a fun day Thursday was!  Wow, we were tired puppies Thursday evening. 

Friday started another whirl wind day.  We drove to Indiana's first capitol, Corydon, in southern Indiana, not far from the Ohio River.  We wanted to visit with our fiber friends who were at the Southern Indiana Fiber Festival, and felt we catch up with many friends in one day trip.  

It was wonderful seeing so many of our friends and to hear them tell John how great he looks.  I am sure that John was greatly encouraged by all the comments.  

Of course, I could not leave empty handed.  I am now the proud owner of a Tapestry Loom.  The history of this loom goes back to ancient Egypt and to the Native Americans right here in the desert southwest.   It is a smaller loom.  I will be able to weave tapestries up to two feet long.   

Yesterday, Saturday, was shopping day.  There is an International Market nearby and we were able to stock up on many Thai, Mexican, Chinese, fruits and vegetables that we have not had access to since we left California.  

Afterwards, we finished our shopping at Wally World and found that items that we did not purchase due to the "high" prices were lower than Wal Mart's.  Lesson learned for the time we are here.  

Today, we go to Megan and Adam's to play with Harper and to watch the Colts / Denver Bronco's game.  Peyton Manning was a joy to have as quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and we were so sorry to see him go.  Tonight we will be rooting for the Colts and Peyton. We just do not want the Broncos to win.  

Till next time....God Bless you all and be safe in your travels.  


  1. WOW...this is some busy blog.

    How cool to be home among family and friends.

    The shoe store sure is a hoot. It would be cool just to see the basket fly across the ceiling.

    Good luck with your new Tapestry Loom. We now expect to see some final projects.

    1. Marsha, I can see you doing this too! It is so cool and would pair with your baskets!

  2. A year is a long time to go without seeing our children. I know I can't go that long! Enjoy your visit.

    1. We are all having a ball. I just may fly home around the six month mark this next loop around the U.S. Megan and Adam are expecting a new sister for Harper in January and there is no way I can wait a year to see her. Plus Lucy and Ross are growing way too fast.

  3. I often wonder what it would have been like if I'd had a daughter as well as a son. Enjoy your family time. I know you will. And good luck with doctor appointments.

    1. Well, if you had had a daughter, you would have had to deal with changing hormones, boys hanging around the house and getting to pick out prom dresses then wedding dresses...just to name a few things. Daughters are close after marriage, where I hear that sons bow to wife's wishes and visit that side of the family more. Not having sons, I did not know the boy joy until I was blessed with grandsons.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. You've been busy! So glad that you made it safely to Indiana. Those students are talented. The tapestry loom that you bought looks like just the right size for your motorhome. Have fun!

    1. Carol, so glad you enjoyed the blog. It was fun to write about our whirlwind days. Those students ARE talented and come from an area where they do not have many opportunities to succeed. They can do just that in Art In The City. Yes, the tapestry loom is the perfect size. It had to be since I have the spinning wheel, and antique circular sock knitting machine and John has his weaving loom.

  5. Gee, I am exhausted from just reading about your arrival home. Glad you got to see all those grandchildren and you r daughter.

    Love the shoe store!

    Looking forward to pictures of your loom projects:)

    1. The shoe store is such a super place to shop. They carry all the good brands at reasonable prices.

  6. A busy few days that you had, back home. So much fun to visit with family again, lots of catching up to do.
    Enjoy your time there.

  7. Wonderful shop...loved children's masterpieces! Enjoy the family!!!! Just getting ready to leave ours Wednesday....going to be sad but after these last few weeks can't wait to get on the road again!


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