Tuesday, October 15, 2013


After six long to us days of driving from Yellowstone to Des Moines, Iowa, we were ready to revert to our more relaxed way of travel.  

We made plans to visit with long time friends, Margie and Lyle Sears at Fisherman's Cove on the Mississippi River.  We planned to stay there for three days in order for John to get some rest.  One day of visiting and two of chilling was on our agenda.  

I cleaned the Miata and the motorhome with The Solution and John applied tire protectorant  and cleaned the thingies the wheels are mounted on including hub caps. Whatever they are, they were shiny!

We caught only one sunset on the Mississippi.  Along the edge of the river were thousands of Water Lilies.  
Wednesday, we left Fisherman's Cove COE.  Due to the clowns in D.C, we had to be out by noon.  

We camped at Wally World in Hammond, IN for the night and headed toward our Michigan destination Thursday morning.  

Our fiber friends Bob and Deb own a fiber farm consisting of sheep, two Great Pyrenees and one Australian Shepherd.

The Pyrenees guard the interior of the pastures, keeping coyotes and wild dogs at bay.  

Just a few of the Polwarths

Fergus and Olivia keep the sheep away from the fence
After the sheep are sheared, Deb dyes the some of the fiber.  

 The fiber is then sold at as roving or yarn Fiber Festivals to spinners, weavers, knitters, etc.  We met Bob and Deb at a fiber event and have been fast friends since then.  

It was Bob and Deb that came to Indiana to visit and encourage John when he was in the hospital.  They also came back to help us clear out the barns when we were ready to close on the house and start our full time adventure.  

Bob helped John with a couple of repairs on our Tiffin Allegro Bus. Now I see John having more courage and energy to tackle tasks that he would have never tried before Bob and Jim Dixon worked along side John.  

John has caulked questionable spots on the roof, changed the generator's oil and all filters, worked on our T.V. antenna, etc.  
Ryan is mighty tall!
                                        Our microwave stopped working.  Bob, John and Bob and Deb's son Ryan worked on that situation. Ryan checked inside and outside.   

The diagnosis on the microwave is that we are going to need Tiffin make this repair.  Ryan checked out everything and said that there is a problem in the wiring in the wall. 

What a fun experience it was to try a new-to-me vegan recipe each night.  I was pleased that they liked every meal.  There is not one recipe that I want to forget.  We have found that eating the plant based diet is much more flavorful than the same ole meat and potatoes routine.  

Glimakra Emilia 19" Rigid Heddle LoomWhen we were preparing to full time, I had to sell my floor weaving loom.  It was way too large and heavy.  We ordered a Glimakra rigid heddle loom from Bob and Deb.  

Three years ago, John took a weaving class at the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival.  He had decided that this is something he would like to do.  Of course, I may just get to use it too.    

I can be using my spinning wheel and John can weave the yarn into whatever he chooses.  What a team.  

It did not take him long to open the box and begin the assembly.  

With all the wool behind my wheel, it looks like he will have plenty of supplies.  

Tomorrow, we leave Bob and Deb.  We are spending a day in Shipshewana, IN and then head back to Greenwood, IN to be with Indianapolis family for a few weeks.  While there, John will have all of his check ups.  

Bob and Deb head to New York for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  
Sheep and Wool Festival

The End

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!


  1. Prayers and wishes for good news reports. Jim got a clean cancer bill of health today. Yippee!!

    1. Whoooo hoooo for Jim! Thanks for the prayers.

  2. How cool to make and dye your own yarn.

    Hope you have good reports from the doctor!

    1. I love to dye! It was nice to be around fiber activities again. Thanks for the good wishes

  3. I don't think I have ever seen pots that big!

    I am with Sandie. Prayers for John!!!

    Safe travels.

    1. Me either....they are huge and hold a lot of fiber!

      Thanks for the prayers for John.

  4. In addition to prayers going your way, we are also crossing and fingers and toes for John.

  5. Walking with crossed toes can be uncomfortable. Eating with crossed fingers can be a pain. Thanks for the prayers for John.

  6. We, also, have been enjoying more of a plant based diet and love it!! Green work with everything...yum! The wonderful Farmers Markets in Oregon turned on to all the fresh veggies, especially greens.

    Gee, what a team, a weaver and a spinner. Very cool!!

    Glad you had several days of rest and relaxation:)

  7. Too bad about your microwave, hope the problem will be resolved quickly for you.

  8. Prayers for a great doctor's report and I am going to forward your Blog to our daughter Sarah who is a Junior at Arizona State University and majoring in Fiber Arts. She will love it!

  9. All the best to John in his upcoming tests. The wild & wooly west is needing him back soon to once again climb some hills & kick some good old desert dust around...............

  10. Are you guys doing the South East this winter?

  11. Oh, those yarns are gorgeous! I like to do a little crocheting from time to time. It's becoming the right time of year for that too! As for the microwave. (I'm coming in late here as I just found you through a comment you made on my post :-) ), they have a fuse. That may be too simple of a solution! I threw one out one time & someone told me that it probably just needed a fuse. Who knew??


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