Thursday, April 25, 2013


After leaving Sycuan Casino in El Cajon we continued westward with the final destination being D.D.#2's location. 

But first, we made another stop.   South Carlsbad State Beach, right on the Pacific Ocean.  The thundering surf greeted us with pounding waves, foam, sea birds, enthusiastic surfer dudes and plenty of rocks for John to treasure.  

We settled into our spot right on the Pacific.  Site 204 was perfect for our forty feet of motorhome and fourteen feet of trailer that carries our Miata.  

As soon as the slides were out and a few things put in their places, we were down the stairs from the high bluff and onto the beach.  

John was searching for his rocks and I was on the hunt for sea glass.  

There was only one problem.  The ocean greeted us with huge waves and surf that would chase us out of it's reach.  Twice, the surf won the race. 

Both of us had on our hiking shoes, on the beach - need I say more?   My hiking shoes are waterproof as long as the water does not go over the top of the shoe.  

Yep, you guessed it!  I was soon walking in sand and water that had taken residence in my shoes.  (It was freezing cold for just a short while.) 

I cannot imagine that the wet suits could keep these surfers warm.  But, I have never had one on, so how would I know.  They just looked cold.  They would sit out there for what felt like hours waiting for the perfect swell that would give them the thrill ride of the day.  

Perseverance provided a good ride for these surfers.  
What surprised us was the ages of these surfer dudes!  Some are as old as us.  And of course, we are older than dirt!  

So......does that make them older than mud?

As I was walking the beach in my less than successful hunt for sea glass, I did spy one shore bird that I am unable to identify.

 Help!   Name that

 From the shore-side of the beach, I  moved to the cliff side.  Nestled into the rock cliffs, there would be little caves.  This one had rocks washed into the opening.  

And I found many of these little creatures scampering among the rocks and larger boulders.  

The issue with these guys is that they are burrowing in the soil parts of the cliffs and breaking down the stability of the cliffs.  

Hopefully, the powers that be will be able to find a way to relocate these guys.  

It would be a shame to see these cliffs washed into the Pacific.  

Being the artist I am, I found great beauty 'painted' in the sand.  A wave would come thundering onto the shore bringing sea weed, moving pebbles and rocks.  Then the ocean would return to its self and start anew.   

It would leave patterns that looked as if the Pacific used big heavy brushes on the seaweed and fine bristled brushes to fan out the grey shades, giving me ideas for paintings. 

A strange occurrence happened as I was walking Oliver and Olivia.  Suddenly I was attacked!  A bird whizzed by my head.  It came back again flying right over my shoulder screaming at me.  

All I could think of was a Blue Jay.  It was not a Jay, but a Mocking Bird.  I have never been before been attacked by our Mocking Birds at home, or what was home.  

The campgrounds were full of color from various plants.  The first, I do not know the name, but this plant also lines the highway leading to the State Beach.  

The second is the Bottle Brush plant.  Phil Dahl has a much better photo on his blog.  Of course, Phil called it a Toilet Brush plant.  

Our last night at South Carlsbad State Beach was a beautiful evening.  I played with the sunset photos for a change of pace. 

The previous night, we did not have a sunset.  Actually there was one, it was hidden by thick clouds. So this was a treat.  I took about ten photos.  

Thank goodness, I did not choose to post all ten sunsets.  

After dumping and taking on water, we left South Carlsbad State Beach and continued our trek to Jojo's.  

At first, it was just cloudy.  The clouds grew heavier as we worked our way north to a higher elevation. 

Then, there was mist.  

But, when we arrived at the top of the mountain, the sun was shining!  The pavement was dry!  No clouds, no mist!  

We drove further down the highway, then another then to I-5, then I-15 and on to 215.  Always changing lanes kept John on his toes and my eyes and ears tuned to our not always correct Garman GPS. 

Finally we arrived!  We are parked in a church parking lot for a while.  Saturday, we begin the process of installing the skimmer and waterfall in Jojo's pond, so get out your shovels and come join us!


May you be blessed with the richness of God's everlasting love.  


  1. The California beaches are so beautiful. Well, maybe except in summer when you can't see much of the beach but just the people.

    1. We have never been in CA during the summer months. Probably will never be. I do not like crowds and avoid them at all costs.

  2. Love those sunset pics. Wet suits really do help keep you warm. I wore one when we were doing some white water rafting in West VA. But they are so NOT comfortable. Have fun with the shovels.

    1. Do you mean you are not coming to help? I am crushed!

  3. What fun. A walk on the beach is one of my favorite things to do. From you photos, I can hear the roar of the ocean.

    Is the church still open? Never heard of anyone parking at one.

  4. Just love the beaches on the coast, great photos again!

    1. Beaches are neat. I like how there was not a crowd at the beach. Wait till summer!

  5. Nice time on the beach! Those rocks look like the Lake Superior agates, but then I suppose a lot of rocks look alike:)

    1. It was a nice time. I guess most rocks look alike. There are a few mostly limited to one place. Like the Petoskey of Michigan.

  6. I do long for the sound of the crushing waves! We spent 5 weeks in San Diego...not on the ocean, but close enough to visit often! Your description was perfect!

    I am just learning about editing my photos.....thanks for the pics that show the changes you made in the sunset. Way interesting to me!

    Nice post!

    1. I would have enjoyed five weeks there. But wanted to see DD#2 more. Actually, I have lost my camera and all photos are now from my Motorola Droid. It has a ton of camera settings...Every day, I find something new. Still waiting on Santa to come up with a digital 35 mm with telescope lens!

  7. The weather at the ocean didn't look to inviting, those surfers definitely have to love their sport to be out there in it even with wetsuits on.

    We love the bottle-brush tree/bush, that is what we planted at Whiskey's site in Mexico so anytime I see one, I think of her.


  8. Hi Nan-

    I would say that your shorebird is likely a Whimbrel. That long down-curved bill is a good clue. I don't think the bill is long enough to be a Long-billed Curlew, but I can't say for certain.

    Wonderful photos of the shoreline and the sunset.


  9. I lived in Carlsbad for over 10 years when it was less crowded. Right on Carlsbad Blvd...north of this state beach....use to ride by bike by your site every day.


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