Sunday, January 6, 2013


I cannot believe that I left my memory card out of the camera on two separate occasions.  But, I did. 

Above paragraph is yesterday's.  Today, I returned my memory card to my camera and reviewed past photos. Well, guess what.  All of my photos are there!  I, for some reason, cannot get them to show up to add them to both Picasa or straight to the blog.  Soooo.....

All the photos that you will see in today's blog are from the Internet.  

Our stay at Guajome County Park in San Diego County and Oceanside, CA was a treat.  The sites were large and our site (19) had vegetation around three of it's sides. In site twenty was Jojo (NancyJo) and her friends, Cathie, Cathie's daughter Becca and Wendy.  Wendy and Jojo graduated from Taylor University together.  Cathy is Jojo's business partner.   

It was fun to see Wendy again.  One of the last times we say Wendy was at the girls softball game.  It rained and the game was called.  The girls were frisky and since it was pouring and from third base to the home plate was a big puddle, the girls decided to run and slide to home plate, on their stomachs!  There is no need to explain the condition of the girls uniforms.  We were thankful that it was the last game prior to graduation.  

Opps, I digress.  Guajome County Park is a nice place to camp with electric (30 amp), and water hook-ups.  There is a dump station at the exit.  

There are so many trails to explore.  I walked many of the trails, but was unable to walk all.  One of the trails actually leads to the beach at Oceanside, eight miles away.  All trails are also suitable for bicycles.  The park is also dog friendly as long as you clean up after the fur kids.  

guajomecamper2239.jpg (889×667)

Part of the park system in San Diego is the Rancho Guajome Adobe County Park.  On the grounds is a seven thousand square-foot, twenty eight room hacienda. It is located on twenty-two hundred and nineteen acres.

The seven thousand square feet would not have been so much a problem, but the lay-out would.  This hacienda was built totally around a courtyard. 

What you see in this photo is one side of the hacienda.  This area contained the office, the master suite, a formal entry (Zaguan) with a staircase to the observation "tower," and sewing room.  The parlor, the office and the store.  

In total, the hacienda had seven bedrooms, a school room, a dining room, kitchen, bakery and pantry.  I loved the bakery with it's wood burning oven (horno).  

Note the thickness of the adobe walls.
As a parent, I cannot imagine not having children's bedrooms so far from the master suite.  

Children's bedrooms  and the school room
One side, the side directly opposite the photo above, is where the servants and the mayor domo were lodged.  Then behind these quarters we found the carriage courtyard and the blacksmith shop.  

Now, let's think about this.  This hacienda is seven thousand square feet.  It would take seventeen and one half forty foot motorhomes placed in a square to equal the hacienda.  

I will stick with my home on wheels, thank you very much!

The Hawkeye was a flying radar control center.
Radar equipped airplane
The multi-purpose Hornet is the standard fighter and attack jet of the Navy. This one is painted as a TOPGUN "enemy" aircraft.
The next day, we ventured further into San Diego and visited the aircraft carrier from WW II through Desert Storm.  

The swept wing of the Panther was innovative in the late 1950s. This Cougar flew photo reconnaissance missions.Again, these photos had to come from the website of the USS Midway.  

As I looked at these airplanes and thought of the thousands of airmen, whether Navy, Marine, or Air Force.  Then I thought of the thousands on the ground that have fought for our freedom.  I just remembered the phrase "what cost of freedom."
The SBD Dauntless was a divebomber that played a key role in the victory at Battle of Midway in 1942
The Crusader was the Navy's first supersonic fighter and was especially effective against enemy MiGs in Vietnam.
What a contrast from our first Naval air planes to the more modern.  And these are only the planes that were stationed on the Midway.

Docents are retired members of the Navy that served on the Midway as a crew member.  I could see their love of the ship as they shared their knowledge and experiences of this majestic ship.  

Tomorrow ( I hope ), I will share more of our experiences of the past week.  If I don't I am sure that my friend Kay will be on the phone, once again telling me to stop having such a good time and write this blog.  

If any of you, (ahem, hint, hint) have any idea why I cannot download the photos from my camera to my computer, please, oh please, let me know. 

Otherwise, please feel free to leave comments.  I do enjoy hearing from you all.  You too Kay.  

God bless you all.  Safe travels and watch out for that flu bug.  I am reading that it is a nasty one.   


  1. Why don't you e-mail Rick. I'm pretty sure he could help you out. How is John feeling? When you come to Q, please bring some sunshine an warmth.

  2. Maybe Rick might have an answer for you. dont feel bad, After reading your blog, I ran my hand along the side of my laptop and sure camera disc was still in there from downloading the last batch of pictures.

  3. That park sounds like a nice place to stay, and I like the idea of the trail to the beach. 8 miles would be doable on a bike. I am not good with cameras and computers - so no help from me.

  4. It was so nice to meet you both! I hope you have a wonderful adventure!

  5. It was so nice to meet you both! Enjoy your adventure!

  6. I use an external card reader to load the pictures from my camera disc to my laptop. That way I'll never forget to put my disc back in my carmera.

    If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell ya...


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