Saturday, January 26, 2013


stock vector : vector blue drops of clear waterI cannot remember the last time I was happy that it was raining.  But tonight is just that night.  Why?  Because dust is everywhere here in the desert surrounding Quartzsite, Arizona.  The motorhome looks pale rust in color. The Miata's finish looked dull. 

Well, at least I know the Miata will look better.  As soon as a gentle rain came to the desert, I took a pan of warm soapy water and gave my baby a bath.  Now, the rains are rinsing it. And to top it off, the sound of the rain on the roof of the motorhome is like a concert.  I love it.  

I learned this method from a camper from Oregon when we were in California for Christmas.  What a great way to conserve our water resources.  

I have heard and read that the smell of a desert rain cannot be surpassed.  The rumors are true. Ahhhh.

Of course friends and family in the Indianapolis, Indiana area cannot do this since the low tonight is to be fourteen degrees and the high tomorrow will be around twenty-four.   

Almost two weeks ago we made our first trip to the big tent for the annual RV and travel show, we looked and made notes of the things that interested us.  Today, after many eliminations, we made our purchases.  Now...we are finished.  We even have a list for next year.  They are items that we decided to consider over the next year. 

We did join Escapees today. 
Escapees was founded July 4, 1978.  There are now over fifty chapters in the US, Canada and Mexico.  Discounts at RV parks are just a fraction of the benefits of a membership in Escapees. 

Education is also a benefit of membership.  We are seriously considering attending the Escapade in Gillette, Wyoming this summer.  
IMG_20130124_184808_235.jpgLast night we were finally able to attend the campfire and chat with some of the Escapees that are camping around us.  Of course, tonight's campfire was rained out.
Tomorrow?  More rain.  I will finally have an opportunity to spin yarn and knit on my circular sock machine!  Woo Hoo....  (John cannot drag me out to shop!)

Thanks for stopping by.  We do enjoy and appreciate your comments.  

God bless and stay safe out there.  


  1. Love the header photo. Looks so peaceful.

    Welcome from another Escapee member. I don't know how you receive your mail, but I will tell you that we are thrilled with the Escapee mail service. They are excellent.

  2. So what purchases did you make? We were able to pass on everything this year for the first time. Welcome to Escapees. We will be at Escapade so join us. This rain is going to make the desert so beautiful this spring.

  3. The big purchase we made at Quartzsite was our 'blue flame' propane heater. We got it installed, although George now says, "I could have done that!" haha. It makes life so much more pleasant (and quieter) to not run the furnace.


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