Friday, September 21, 2012


Wisconsin Sheep and Wool was, again, a delightful experience.  We visited with our friends from the north that we saw annually.  Other friends were there that we vended with at most of our shows, so we could continue conversations that were left two weeks prior at the Michigan Fiber Festival. 


Some of you enjoyed the names of the vendor’s businesses, so I took more photos to share with you.  Some are quite clever and others very business like.  Either way, they brighten anyone’s day.

  IMG_0643                IMG_0642                IMG_0631                    IMG_0640 

I especially like the “Wool From Over the Hill.”  The couple that had that business were senior citizens and it just seemed to ring true.  Do you think they have a sense of humor?  I sure do. 


When attending a fiber festival you expect to see wool, yarn, spinning wheels, weaving looms and some finished products.  I especially liked Jan Cox’s weaving. (The Village Weaver)  I also liked the felted items.  Of course I would love the felting items since that is my love.  Farmer Lamb, Giraffe, flower etc. are examples of rug hooking.  The next photo is of hand dyed roving.  Roving is fibers run through a carding machine to align the fiber in a row.  Then this fiber can be spun into yarn on a spinning wheel or used in felting. 


Baskets and basket making supplies were available.  Baskets come in all shapes and sizes.  The color comes from the artist hand dyeing the wood. 


Weaving supplies and looms are available…. oh my, such temptation. 

IMG_0627     IMG_0624  IMG_0645  IMG_0644  IMG_0639  IMG_0635         IMG_0630   


Button making is another art form from early days. 


IMG_0628   IMG_0629   IMG_0633   IMG_0634   IMG_0623


Antique spinning wheels as well as new wheels are available to try and possibly purchase.   Weaving looms are a bit bulky for vendors to bring, but some are brave and just do it.  The hand made shuttles are much easier to transport to the shows.  To top it off, we found a potter and his pottery. 


All in all, there are over one hundred vendors filling two huge buildings.  As we walked through these buildings, John and I commented on how God went before us.  In January, I felt as if I  should cancel all our fiber and art events for 2012.  In March, John had respiratory failure.  He is unable to help with set up and breaking down the booth or loading the motorhome.  But I feel blessed to have him still in my life.


Our time at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival with highlighted buy a gentle rain and a beautiful rainbow.

     IMG_0646   IMG_0647 


From Wisconsin, we headed back to Indianapolis / Greenwood to begin our round of visits with some of John’s physicians and his birthday celebration with some of our family.  I also had plans to meet friends for luncheons since I knew I would not see them for a year.  I believe that for me, this not having physical contact with family and friends will be the hardest aspect of full timing. 


John’s visits with his physicians were very encouraging.  The first appointment was with his Urologist, Dr. Koch.  Dr. Koch blessed John with the wonderful prostate exam, but said things “seemed” to be good.  He wanted John to have another blood test this coming week before he pronounced him ok to travel.


BUT yesterday, John received a telephone call from Dr. Koch.  John’s urinalysis results came back yesterday and his ? count is supposed to be, if I remember right, is supposed to be at 35…..John’s was 389 and this is supposed to be an indicator of prostate cancer.  Need I tell you all how we feel tonight.  I have not felt this way since John was on life support just five months ago.  Do ya think our faith is being tested a bit?  So here is another request for prayers on John’s behalf.


John will have a MRI and a biopsy on October 18th.  Needless to say, our Thursday’s September 27  departure is postponed until, hopefully October 19th. 


We have confidence in John’s Dr. Koch.  He is head of the urology department at Indiana University Hospital which is part of the Indiana University Medical School.   IU is where Lance Armstrong was cured of his testicular cancer.   Actually, when had his appointment with Dr. Lykens, his pulmonologist told us that he has enough confidence in Dr. Koch to have had Dr. Lykens’ father in law see Dr. Koch. 


What concerns us soooo much is the changes Obama has made in healthcare for seniors.  I suggest that if you have Medicare Advantage, as John does, that you go to this link 


John and I are Independents when it comes to voting, but I am leaning to Romney.  Especially since he released his tax return today! 


Right now, John is a million dollar man with all his problems five months ago.  Medicare Advantage has paid and left us with very little out-of-pocket expenses. 


Now, with my Med Sup, I would have $0.00 out of pocket expenses.  And you ask, why was John not on my plan.  He is on the Advantage plan because at that time, the Advantage plan did not look at pre-existing conditions.  Other than hypo thyroid (under active thyroid), I have NO problems…………other than being concerned about John. 


IF, and only IF John’s tests prove that this is just a fluke, I am wondering if we will be able to make the trip to South Dakota to establish residency before it is time for snow in the mountains.  We need to be in Anza Borrego, CA  for Thanksgiving and San Diego for Christmas.  Why????  this will be the first time we can have Thanksgiving and Christmas with our daughter in California for almost twenty years.


We have been looking at newer motorhomes and have yet to find one that meets our expectations.  So…..what do we do?  Geee, why are we surprised?????  NOT….. I would say that it gives us time to look for the “perfect” motorhome. 


I could go on for another hour or two, but I just do not have the energy! 


I just want to  bring you all up-to-date on the Talley’s Travels.  Or not travels….lol


We are in the midst of a severe thunderstorm watch with hail over 3/4”.  So far, we have been spared, but the motorhome is rocking a bit right now.  And we were in the middle of the worse drought in history for this region.  HA…no more!  It is soooo good to see green grass flourishing right now. 


So, ………………. here we sit.  In Camping World.  Waiting for tests, waiting for the storms to subside, waiting on God’s healing.  Waiting for the hail to stop….. Waiting…………Waiting…………Waiting


But we know that God has a Master Plan for our lives……………. we are just waiting to learn what it is. 


So, God bless each and every one of you.  May he protect you in your travels and your stops and your thoughts. 


Go with all of God’s blessings and our love for each and every one of you……















I an experiencing a huge bag of emotions right now.


  1. You and John have never left our prayers and even if we are not by your side you are never alone.

    It's about time.

  2. Oh Nan. I'm so sorry about this possible set back. But we are praying that the reading is a fluke and all is well. Sherry (who had the lung transplant) ended up back in ICU so there are lots of prayers being said for everyone out there. We absolutely do not know what the Lord wants us to deal with next but we do know that He will help us through it.

  3. HUGS and prayers for you Nan. So sorry to hear of John's test result but let's hope it was a fluke. Please keep us posted.

  4. Oh Nan, what a scary time for both of you. And what a way for John to celebrate his birthday.
    :( You are correct, God is in control and things are going according to His plans. If only we could understand the "whys" of each difficult situation. I will be praying for both of you!

  5. Nan, if it helps any, my husband's father's PSA number from prostate exams has usually been very high, but apparently, that's just the way he is; he's in his mid/late 80s now and doesn't have prostate cancer, so I hope that that's John's case too.

    Glad you had a good time at the Wisconsin wool festival!

  6. Nan, you and John are in my thoughts. You really have been tested, but you've gotten through together. Right? Wishing for the best, of course.


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