Tuesday, September 25, 2012



Our original plans were to be able to leave Indianapolis tomorrow, but here we are at Camping World Of Indianapolis’ transition / overnight parking lot.  Our asphalt jungle. 

We watch people come in for repairs.  The steady streams of RV’s coming in and out is astounding.  Some come for repairs or to shop.  Some come to leave their old RV and take delivery of their new home on wheels.  Today, the new home owners are having to compete with rain showers.


I am inside cooking.  John and I love apple butter.  Our former neighbor gave us a huge sack of pears, so I am attempting to make pear butter.  The pears, peelings, cores, stems, cinnamon sticks and all cooked in the crock pot.  They cooked all day yesterday and last night.  This morning they had cooked down to that looked “right” to me.  After they cooled, I put then through my grandmother’s ricer that she used for mashed potatoes.  Voila!  It looks like apple butter, but tastes like pear butter that is a bit sour.  Now I need to go to the store to purchase some Truvia to sweeten my pear butter. 


IMG_0660                                                                                           IMG_0661


Today is another experiment with food.  I am making a squash, yam bisque.  I am not sure it will be finished cooking in the crock pot for dinner this evening.  Maybe, lunch tomorrow.  We shall see.  As you can see, it is just starting cook. 


We took Oliver and Olivia to the groomer to get their full timing trims.  The cuts are a bit short right now, but in a month or so, they will acceptable.  Now, Oliver shivers when he is going out to do his duty first thing in the morning.  He also sleeps under a blankie now. 

IMG_0663         IMG_0662       IMG_0664


Another activity we are participating in is new to us motorhome shopping.  Shopping on line, shopping here at C. W.  There are questions we ask ourselves.  Diesel pusher, gas or gas pusher?  Winnebago, Monaco, Newmar or Tiffin?  At least we have the make narrowed down to four.  This could take a long time. 


We also have had an offer on our last Indiana property, the condo in Greenwood.  We have countered and are waiting for a reply.  At least this offer was more reasonable than the offer on our house.  I do not think this will be nearly as stressful as the sale of our house. 


Twenty three days until John’s MRI and biopsy.  God willing, we will pull out of here and head to South Dakota in twenty four days.  In the meantime, we continue to pray for God’s healing to continue in John, and every other blogger that we follow.  There are many suffering RVers out there and they all need our unceasing prayers.


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God bless you and keep you healthy and safe. 


  1. Wow, you're a great cook! I rarely experiment--rarely do I cook, but when I do it's the old standbys.

    Hoping you find the right RV for you and John, and will be on your way in 24days to a new and wonderful lifestyle!

  2. Big decisions. We love our Tiffin. If we didn't buy a house and want to just go part-time, we would never sale it. Good luck with your search.
    We will also pray for God's guidance with John's MRI and biopsy.

  3. I hope all goes well with the sale of the condo. It must smell good in your RV with all of the fall cooking you are doing. I just ordered a new slow cooker from Amazon.

  4. I envy you (and Robin E.) who have friends with extra pears to share. None of our friends have pear trees or pear trees that did well this year. I'm so bummed. Plus, it was another miserable year for our apple trees too. We have to go find an orchard now if I hope to be able to make apple sauce.


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