Sunday, December 4, 2011


Welcome to some new followers.  Jessica and Harry.  They are preparing to enter the world of full timing.  Also we welcome RonTOG  What does it take to become an old geezer?  Am I there yet?  

Sue Castle has joined as a follower, but I can't find her blog!  Sue let me know how to find you!  Donna K from Travels in Therapy has also joined our family, welcome! Miss Lazee, welcome to you too!  What a cute name!  Michael, love your blog!  The simpler life is what we want!

Every time I think I have a closet cleaned out, I find something else I can donate!  What's up with that?   Closets and drawers are becoming the bane of my existence.  I suppose all you full timers out there are giggling right now, right?  

Friday, an antique dealer came.  She named prices she was willing to pay for each piece.  We sold a few pieces and all our books to her.  The pieces we kept, we are going to send to an auction house that is well known for getting the best prices.  That has to wait until the house is sold since all are part of the staging.  The pieces that left Friday were not part of the staging process.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went to our granddaughter Lucy's gymnastic meet.  Watching this thirty one pound, very short seven year old do the beam, floor exercise, vault and the bar was quite a nail-biting experience.  She earned two medals and improved her scores in each of the exercises.  

Lucy, is not really competitive.  She is there to have fun.  This comes as a shock to her mom.  

When Holly, her mom and daughter number three was in middle and high school, she was a very competitive varsity volleyball and basketball player. Her loyalty to her teams was admirable. 

When she was a junior, she started having severe headaches.  I took her to our family physician.  He asked her if she was under any stress or trying to make an important decision.  

Voila!  The answer came out.  Holly was an honor student, yearbook editor, and athlete.  Her senior year was coming.  She knew she could not play in college since she was going to study pre-med.  What was she going to do?  Waste her time and take someones spot who REALLY wanted to play?  Or would she tell her coaches her decision and focus even more on school.  Once she made the decision, her headaches were gone!

She is a good mom, she's a pediatric oncologist and hematologist.  She allows Lucy determine her goals and gives Lucy the encouragement she needs.  No pressure.  

Oops, I digress.

Tomorrow, John works on the guest bath.  He will be installing new hardware at the tub, shower and vanity sink.  A new light will go up and the walls are to be painted.  

It has been raining here since last night.  Flood warnings are being broadcast.  At least it is not ice or snow!  It will be a good day to work inside!  A good day for me to go through all the kitchen cabinets and whittle down the contents.  I had no idea we had accumulated to much "stuff."

People are amazed that I can let go of so much.  I keep saying that it is just things, just "stuff."  It's much more important to lay our treasures in heaven than to try to accumulate on earth.  

While watching the Colt's game today, I noticed the commercials touting the term "you deserve."  What makes us deserve?  The fact that it's time to spend money on Christmas presents?  I don't get it.

And the message that we must have the biggest and best and newest cell phone, car, truck, clothing, diamonds cuts me to the quick! Oh yes, don't forget to charge everything on your American Express, Visa or Master Card!  (so they can charge you interest if not paid in full.)

We forget that Christmas the celebration of Christ.  And this Christ then gave us the most valuable Christmas gift.....eternal life.  Even though we do not deserve it, he gave His life in order that we have eternal life.  Now THAT is a true gift... that is grace.  

As we enter another week of travel, of work or whatever is on our schedules, keep in mind that we are offered the best of the best!

Thanks for visiting.  I have enjoyed your comments.  

God bless you in His season!  

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  1. Didn't you know that closets and drawers continue to grow things for weeks after you clean them out? I am so trying to ignore the commercials and ads on TV. Black Friday just made me sick.


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