Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Since the last post I have had the stomach "flu."  That means I have not done much to help prepare for the listing of the house.  January 5, 2012 is marching toward me like a swarm of ants heading toward sugar!  

Monday, I went to therapy for my hand and felt fine.  Chris, my occupational therapist was pleased with my progress and gave me more "work" to do.  

You can see that she just LOVES to have her picture taken!   She is sooo good at what she does, she was stolen from another facility.  It is her work that makes the surgeons work look and work marvelously!  

After OT, John and I went to lunch...I felt fine....then we went to GFS to purchase chicken breasts and "buffalo wings."  BW's are my fav snack or dinner accompanied with a huge salad.  Fattening, but good.  

Then, leaving GFS, IT hit.  So here I am today, three days later and finally feeling kinda fine.  Why do these "24" hour bugs now take three days to work perform their damage?  Could it be age?  Nahhh!

Oliver, Olivia, and Noah's vet took three of our large plants / trees today. 

The Ficus tree had been with us for thirty seven years!  Can you believe that?  That's 37 / thirty seven!   It was seven feet tall and about the same in diameter so you can see how much larger the room is going to look without that monster in there.  

I have two more plants to re-home.  One is a Pony Tail Palm also in our family for thirty seven years.  Hopefully Holly, our youngest will take this one.  She has always seemed to like it.  The other is a  Charlie Brown that will probably go to the trash bin.  

Well, that sure wasn't much news, was it.  That is about all I can come up with!  Such an exciting life....well unless you want to purchase a Bernina 1000 sewing machine!  (Stop laughing,,,,,right now!)

God bless you all...have a wonderful Thursday.  



  1. I'm looking for a lightweight sewing machine for the RV, I'm sure that Bernina is heavy duty. Never had one, only had a Brother machine.

  2. Teri, it weighs 19.5 pounds. Does that help?

  3. We have SIX large ficus trees plus two other large plants that we have had for about 25 years! The ficus started as one and my husband kept starting new plants. When he got to six I said that was enough! They are pretty, but I will have to hire someone to water then when we travel after he retires!

    I wish I was at the rehoming stage too!

  4. Sure do hope you really feel a whole lot better tomorrow. And you will feel up to working on the house eventually.

  5. Wow - listing the house next month - we are exactly one year behind you!! :) I can't wait to follow your journey!

    Glad that you are feeling better! :)

  6. Glad you are feeling better:) I find that everything I get now takes at least three times as long as it did a decade ago to get rid of.

    I think they call that the Golden Years:(


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