Saturday, December 17, 2011

GOING ......... GOING ...... GONE!

Yesterday, we began photographing and listing items on Craig's List. What a great response we received.  The first reply was within minutes of the post.  

We have started with equipment from John's woodworking studio.  

He listed his lathe, 


and a drill press,


 a band saw, 

and a very nice work bench.

They have all been spoken for and we have a waiting list if the first in line does not show up.   As I work on this blog, I glance at my email tab and there are three more requests waiting to be opened.  I have a feeling that we priced these items too low, but it is best to just get the "stuff" out of here.  Another step to full timing!

I do have a blog question..... how do it fix the settings so that comments will show following the post?  I've looked and cannot see it.  Thanks all.

And another big thanks to all who responded to my post about what "stuff" is necessary stuff in the kitchen of the motorhome.  I have some items already there, but I was considering what is still in the house.  I received many great suggestions.  Thanks again.

I'm off to list more "stuff!"

God bless your day


  1. Pricing is hard, I wanted everything gone, so I to, probably under priced things. It's a good feeling when the house starts looking empty and uncluttered. Then you start thinking, WHY did I have all of this stuff? Was I living in a fog?

  2. Craig's list seems to be the way to go these days. I wish you great success.

  3. Don't worry about pricing stuff too low... As Grandma used to say... A fast nickle is better than a slow dime... And you would feel worse if you posted all of your stuff on Craigslist too high and there it would sit right where it is now... I gave bunches and bunches to the hospice thrift shop. I believe when you give you will definitely get something wonderful in return Karma wise...

  4. Getting rid of the stuff is what is important. It will feel good when it is gone :)

  5. Another good place to donate household odds and ends at the end when you are ready to close it out is a homeless shelter or battered woman's shelter. Because some of those residents are ready to move out and into a place of their own, and the staff lets them pick from stockpiled kitchen and household items! Even toys go good there because many times children are out in the middle of the night with nothing to bring along...


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