Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Action Alert

Consumers: Protect the RV Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

RV Owner:

Late last week a proposal from the members of the Super Committee (Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction) included the elimination of the second home mortgage interest deduction (MID). Since negotiations have been kept confidential, with only a few details slipping out, there is no way to know whether this provision will be in the final Super Committee deficit reduction plan until after the plan is finalized. NOW is the time to act to ensure the MID is not included in the final plan, or any future tax reform plan.

Retention of the federal second home mortgage interest deduction is a substantial benefit to RV owners. In order to preserve it, RV owners must start TODAY to participate in an e-mail campaign asking their US Congressional members to oppose the elimination of the MID. This campaign must be started today because the deadline for the Super Committee to vote on a plan with $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction is Nov 23. Further, since the Congressional Budget Office must score the cost of the plan before the Super Committee can vote on the plan, we need to start and finish our e-mail campaign this week.

The very real problems of federal deficits and debt growing to unsustainable levels prompted the creation of the Congressional Super Committee. If no legislation from the Committee is enacted by Congress by early next year then the law, which created the Super Committee, mandates across the board cuts in defense and non-defense spending totaling over $1.0 trillion. Consequently, there is tremendous pressure on the Super Committee to identify a package of tax savings and spending cuts. The final package will be very difficult to influence as the law requires the plan to go to the floor of the House and Senate for an up or down vote. Congress cannot amend the Super Committee's recommendations. Consequently, we are reaching out to the Super Committee and key tax committee members (Senate Finance and House Ways and Means) this week.

Please contact your members of Congress NOW.

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  1. I think just about every thing is on the table right at the moment. But this is definitely an important one to a lot of people. For full timers the RV is our only mortgage interest deduction. I will be adding my voice to stop this.

    New family member???????


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