Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Nope, there are no corny jokes here.  But you will find a lot of corn!  Black corn, red corn, brown corn, white, yellow corn.                                                     Don't let all the corn fool you.  None of the corn is edible.  It is used to cover the face of a Corn Palace.  

Where are we?  Mitchell, South Dakota at the world's only Corn Palace, a uniquely American folk art icon built in 1892.
There are murals on the inside walls of the basketball court. These murals depict the life and times of South Dakota. 
Each year, the exterior of the building is stripped of the previous year's murals in preparation for the coming fall's introduction to new scenes.    

Over the summer, three thousands bushels of rye, oat heads and sour dock are tied in bundles, attached as the frames of the murals.

A blueprint drawing is made of the planned mural.  It is then transferred to a panel on the exterior of the building where ears of the proper color are attached to the blueprint.  Each element of the picture has a color code.  
All summer long, visitors can watch the murals being transformed before their eyes. 

Here are some of the murals that were completed by the time we visited Mitchell. 

As you travel through South Dakota, Mitchell and it's Corn Palace is a place that you will want to visit.  After listening to the informational video, we had a new perspective of the palace and Mitchell.

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  1. awww. . .thanks for sharing the new murals. . .I tried to talk Dave into rolling by there, so we could check them out. . .and see how different they were from when we saw them in 2010.

    He was not game to take the motorhome, so we rolled on past Mitchell on the freeway. . .so long Corn Palace. . .

  2. We stopped there a few years ago. What a neat place to visit. I enjoyed looking back at some of past themes. What a big undertaking!

  3. I thought it would be the corn palace! Have been there a number of times, once when they were doing the redoing the outside wall decorations! A fun place:)

  4. Every RVer stops in Mitchell to see the corn palace. I think it's more popular than Wall Drug.

  5. Glad you made it to the corn palace. It really is much more interesting than Wall.

  6. I have read about the Corn Palace in someone else's bog a few years ago and it is definitely something that I want to see in person. It is a"maise"ing what they can do with corn. The murals are beautiful!

  7. Wow! I've heard of the corn palace but it always sounded so corny. I must be the only RVer who hasn't stopped there in my trips to and through South Dakota. Thanks for giving me the real story.

  8. You're right! That was very corny but what a fun place to visit.

  9. Been there 3 times. Every time there was work being done on it. Wonder how it gets paid for. A lot of labor involved. Also, how much gets eaten by birds etc. over the winter. Curious minds want to know!

  10. Nope, have never heard of the Corn Palace! Would love to see it though - what a huge undertaking, and really incredible art. Given its history and muted colors the tacky plastic signs are such a bad idea :-(

  11. We've been there three times and are blown away by the artwork. We watched some of the murals being put up, interesting work. I wonder how you'd describe that work on a resume? :c)


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