Tuesday, September 9, 2014


After leaving the picturesque town of my father's birth, Centerville, Iowa, we went on a search of Monteith, Iowa.  I was hoping to find more family history. 

First, we found the quiet Monteith Cemetery adorned with numerous flagpoles and well tended grounds.                                       The cemetery was divided by the picturesque, rolling road we were traveling.  The newer on our right with a "Welcome to Monteith, Iowa" established in 1881 "Jest northwest of Dale City."  

The cemetery, contained not one Monteith headstone!  So much for family history in the cemetery.

We had looked at the town on Google Earth and discovered that it was extremely small with a U shaped road that intersected the highway at both ends.  We turned onto the U road.  Here is what I found.  

 It appears that before the town was Monteith, it was Leadville, Iowa.  It had a deserted railroad track, a grain elevator and three brick businesses.....all abandoned.  So much for Monteith, Iowa!  My dad would have been so disappointed.  

Now I wonder why the town was named Monteith.  It is odd that there is no history to be found, so far.  

Then off to Austin, Minnesota for a tour of the Spam plant...

Thanks for joining us today....I imagine your comments are going to be amusing today!  

God Bless


  1. The last time I tried to tour the SPAM plant it was a Tuesday, and they were closed. :(

  2. I tried to find something about Monteith on the Internet and there isn't anything. It did say it began in 1881.

  3. Well bummer about Monteith but I'm laughing my head off at a SPAM plant. Really? You and Judy both want to tour it??

  4. We tried to go to the Spam museum but our car broke down. Maybe it was a warning... :cD

  5. You just never know what you'll find until you go looking. Seems perhaps there is nothing BUT ghosts there :-)

  6. I love walking through old cemeteries. You just never who (or what) might be lurking.

  7. We like those kind of rustic towns. We were at the Spam plant three years ago and still have not tried the can of spam we bought:)


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