Monday, January 27, 2014


Leaving the Tiffin Service Center, our destination was Scottsboro, AL, the home of Unclaimed Baggage Center. 

The store was large and filled with clothing, sporting equipment, cameras, e-readers, laptops and other electronics.  

For the first-time visitor, it was too much merchandise to consider.  Had I known what I know now, I would make the center a two day event.  One day to walk the store and make a mental list of what interests you and the second day to make your purchases. I picked up a set of hiking sticks for just over $10, looked at e-readers and cameras, felt overwhelmed and left.  At least I am ready for our hikes again.

My suggestion is to know your lowest retail cost for the items you might be interested in.  Then you can make a wise purchase.  One negative is that there is no guarantee on electronics.  The clothing made me feel as if I were in a Goodwill store.   

Would I return?  Maybe.  Only if I had a shopping list with prices.  

We stopped at the Information Booth to check on places to park our motorhome for the night.  They gave us the names of two RV parks, one we passed on the way into Scottsboro.  

The other and best suggestion was the Jackson County Park and Marina which was just about five minutes from the center.

Located at 2302 County Park Road is the Jackson County Park sitting  beautiful Lake Guntersville.  The campground is the ideal place for a peaceful, relaxing break from shopping at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. The park has something to offer the outdoor enthusiast as well as the avid shopper. 

Sitting only four miles from the Tennessee River channel, it is the perfect spot to park your RV, sit and enjoy the area.  Or you can fish, hunt ducks, boat, swim, and water ski.  

A covered, handicapped-accessible fishing pier welcomes those with disabilities to enjoy nature. There are also many spots along the shoreline for fishing. 

For the shopper, there are some well known chain stores as well as many local shops, and the world famous Unclaimed Baggage Center. The park is just a short drive from both Huntsville and Chattanooga. Well known and hometown restaurants are just minutes from the park. 

Sunset had passed leaving just a touch of pink in the distance as we parked our motorhome.  We had no neighbors around us, only ducks out for a cold swim.  

The sites were leveled crushed stone, spacious and costing $30 a day.  The large pull through sites were equipped with fifty and thirty amp service.  We would visit this place again. Of course we would not have stayed if it were not dog friendly....on leash of course. 

While at the Park, we experienced an electrical problem.  I believe I must have hit a switch or something near the inverter while vacuuming that bay.  We now are without the ability to recharge our house batteries.  

John and I have read all the information provided by Tiffin at the point of sale.  We still cannot figure out the solution so we will be calling our  Tiffin Service hot line and Stanley to walk us through the solution.  

This occurred previously and the solution was simple.  We just do not remember what we were told.  This time?  I will write down the instructions.  

Thanks for stopping by.  We enjoy your comments and suggestions.  

God Bless y'all!


  1. Have youhanged your background color? On my ipad it is showing dark gray with your text in white bars. The text is so light it is almost unreadable. Maybe it is the iPad.

  2. Sounds like I won't make a special effort to go to the Unclaimed Baggage place. Nice to know that. See, that's what you get for vacuuming. Haven't I told you that all that cleaning is not good for the rig? LOL

    1. I would only go back again if I were in the area and not make a special trip.

  3. Oh, think I would like to try one of those places at least once. Now to find one.

  4. I think that would be an interesting store to visit but I agree, probably overwhelming. I was also having trouble reading your text. The background appears dark then all the text is red in white boxes. Hard to follow.

    1. Sorry about reading the text. Blogger is driving me to distraction.

  5. My iPad is doing exactly what Merikay related .... Not sure why...tried to fix it no luck ...
    I have heard about the unclaimed baggage center but appreciate your info ... Park sounds lovely !

    1. The park was very lovely. Like I said, Unclaimed Baggage is a two day affair.

  6. Did you see my suitcase at the unclaimed (or lost) baggage store? I know it's out there someplace. We visited that place one time but that was years ago. They've had a chance to accumulate lots more since then.

  7. Haven't been to an Unclaimed Baggage place yet. Thanks for the review.

  8. We were on our way to the baggage center last year and changed our minds enroute and went to New Orleans instead. We decided we have enough excess baggage and didn't want any more... ;c)


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