Friday, August 23, 2013


Our destination from Sequoia National Park was to move south to Yosemite and the Escapees campground the Park of the Sierras

This was our view from the patio.  What a wonderful Escapees park.  It is an older park, but well maintained. The campsites were spacious.  It was so nice to not have our neighbors "up close and personal."

We have purchased numerous harnesses, belts, collars, etc. to keep him on lead, but the rascal keeps slipping out of every one.  He also will slip out of the door when John dallies too long coming or going.  Or if the sliding hatch / window in the door is left open, he just jumps out.  He has been very trying.  

Noah hanging around the patio
But, we have finally learned that Noah is not going to go far from the motorhome. The worse thing we can do it try to capture him.  It just frightens him and THEN he goes way too far, so now we let him alone.  Usually he sits on the steps or under the motorhome.  If we are outside, he will venture just a bit, but we must be in his sight or he will come back and cry at the door.  

I shaved him while at Jojo's.  He had some mats in his long hair and we did not want him to have the mat adhere to his skin and create an infection.  One time for that is enough. 

The morning following our arrival we headed to Yosemite.  

What can I say about Yosemite?  All I can say is breathtaking.   

Breathtaking was two-fold though.  When we were ready to leave for our second day, I walked outside only to inhale lungs full of smoke...dreaded smoke from the Aspen Fire in a remote part of Yosemite.  

There was no way I was going to have John inhale smoke. We decided to have a day of rest and hoped that the smoke would blow in another direction the next day. It did not.  We did learn one thing from our rest day though.  The smoke would clear up in the afternoon, so this third day, we left after the smoke cleared.  

We drove to Bridal Veil Falls, walked to the viewing area.  There was not much water falling, so we did not get to see the beauty of the falls.  But we did notice how the wind would effect the falls.  

In this photo, way at the top, you see the falls blowing to the left.  Later, they wind shifted and the water would fall straight down or to the right.  By the time the water reached our level, there was just a mist.  

We then returned to the car to decide what we should do next.  At the high altitude, John did not feel like getting out of the car.  I knew then that our time at Yosemite was over.  

With the length requirements being around twenty seven feet for RVs, our forty feet plus sixteen feet trailer added, we could never qualify to camp in the park and John could not adjust to the altitude changes from five hundred feet to seven thousand feet elevations.  It was sadly time to move on.  

Oregon, here we come!  The scenery changed with every mile we drove north on California 99 to U.S. 101.  

Steep mountain climbs and heart-stopping descents changed to rolling hills.  

Lush green changed to dry grass brown.  Open land became fenced and cows appeared on the horizon.  

Within an hour on the road, the temperatures began to drop from the high nineties.  

Eureka, California was our destination.   

Stay tuned.....I just may get caught up on my posts since we have more than one bar on our hotspot.  

God Bless!  


  1. We will be leaving Oregon in the morning. We are heading for Redding Saturday night, and Sacramento Sunday night. We have an appointment with a Freightligner service place to do the annual service on the Alfa Monday.Crossed paths!

  2. Definitely keep Noah away from the coyotes. Sure wouldn't want them get Noah! Looks like you're having a great time on the road though.

  3. Yosemite is one of our favorite national parks. Too bad about the fire, though. Great pictures!

  4. Next to the Corp of Engineer parks, that park is our very favorite. The place is beautiful and the people are too.

    Yosemite is my #1 Most Beautiful Place in the U.S. I loved that place. We did so many hikes and just enjoyed the area. Inspiration Point is magnificent!

  5. We just heard about the fires in Yosemite sad!

    Neat pictures of the boat...from water to wheels!

    Safe travels!

  6. Too bad about the fire, but you did have some great scenery, enjoy your travels.

  7. That is a beautiful place, but Anneke has issues with altitude as well. The wildfire is starting to in impact the park, so I sure hope they can get control of it soon.

  8. The smoke from all the fires blowing into our valley have been hard on Jim the last couple of weeks. He has to use his inhaler a lot more than he ever did down in the desert. So I totally understand about not letting John go out or over do. I was thinking about you guys last night. What are your plans for winter?

  9. The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places.

  10. At least won't have smoke on the Oregon coast:) Too bad how out of control the Yosemite fire is. Such a wonderful place.

  11. We were up in Mammoth during the Aspen Fire. It was TERRIBLE. Mornings were pretty good but by afternoon you could hardly breathe! Good that you got John out of there!


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