Saturday, August 24, 2013


We spent a week at Humbug Mountain State Park.  The site was comfortable with privacy on each side.  We had electricity and water for twenty dollars a night. 

We especially liked the access to the beach.  It was a bit of a hike, but so worth it, both pleasure and exercise wise.  

Olivia led the way to the beach, usually not allowing any tension on the lead. 

We began the hike on a paved portion that quickly turned to rock and sand.  

Oliver and I ventured off the path, under the 101 bridge to walked down by the stream that so gently flowed into the pacific.

There, before us was our first venture onto Oregon beaches.  What an experience this was.

We are accustomed to the Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico beaches and this was a huge change!  

This grainy photo was shot with my phone's telephoto lens.  It is not good, but gives family back home an example of how mountains drop into the Pacific.  

Oliver and Olivia took their first wades into the ocean.  

Olivia enjoyed the surf while Oliver quickly learned to scamper up the beach and out of reach of those cold wet waves.  His idea of fun was to investigate the driftwood that was strewn about the beach.  

It was so nice to be able to let them off lead and run until their energy was spent.

Each time we would leave the beach we would take a last look at the Pacific then turn to head home and turn to see the return path.

The dogs trek home was much slower going home than it was heading to the beach.  As a matter of fact, so was ours!  

We took a break from the  Humbug beach and visited Battle Rock City Park.   Some of our history disturbs me.  One culture walking into the lives of another and taking their land, their livelihood.  
The tree in fog was sitting on a rock in the water.  At low tide, people could walk to it, then at high tide it was a tree on an island.  

We had a great view from our position on the hill. 


Cape Blanco was on our adgenda the next day.  Of course, a new site meant a new hike for John and I.  

Are you seeing a pattern here?

If you are new to the blog, seventeen months ago, John was fighting for his life and on a respirator.  Now he is hiking, climbing mountains and dunes.  The hikes are long and hard.  This one started by an easy jaunt through  the grass. 

 Around the curve, this is what we saw.  A walk into Jurassic Park!  Ferns that were almost as tall as I.  

And the trail goes on.....and on.  We walk through ripe raspberries on both sides of the path, lovely wildflowers and maybe wild blueberries.  

The reward of another long walk!

Our next stop............. Port Orford, Oregon.  We were pleased to not just see fishing boats and equipment, but a boat being brought ashore to have the fish unloaded and the boat prepared for the next days trip into the blue Pacific.  

They rolled the "trailer" back to center under the vessel.

And what was the catch of the day?  

T U N A! 



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  1. So thankful to our Lord that John can hike again

  2. WOW! That looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love being able to camp close to a beach! You got some great photos! Great camping for the price! Sounds like you are having a great time up there where it is cooler than HERE!!! LOL!!!! It had been a while since you posted and I thought maybe you two fell off the face of the earth! Keep on Keepin' on!

  3. Oh, the coast there looks so beautiful. We have yet to explore that part of the USA.

    So glad that you are both able to enjoy these hikes. Seems to me that John has come a long way from where he was before, that is so great! Keep on enjoying those hikes.


  4. It amazed me the difference in the beaches between the Atlantic and the Pacific. You guys are getting some great hikes in. Think about you often.

  5. So great to see just how well John is doing, Nan. Mo and I pass Humbug all the time when traveling the coast and keep saying, "We have to go camp at Humbug!" It is on the list for early fall. Usually we are on the way to somewhere and don't stop except to drive through and pick a campsite to use if we were stopping. Nice to see you enjoyed it

  6. Great pictures of an area we really love to visit. It sure brought back some great memories of our stays along the Oregon Coast. Nice campground.

  7. Looks like you're heading north. This is a great time to visit the coast in Oregon. It usually has the best weather too.

  8. It is wonderful news that John is able to go on all those hikes. Praise God!

  9. Some excellent view there, and some great exercise you getting as well.
    Looks like you are enjoying the area.

  10. What a. East idyl beach. And so great the pups had a wonderful time too!

    That was some hike you two took! We hope to get to Oregon one day soon. Your pictures sure show its beauty!

  11. you visited one of our favourite places! thanks for sharing all the photos! Nice to hear that John is doing so well!

  12. How great to witness your first venture onto Oregon beaches. Looks like you were lucky with the weather too.

    The albacore tuna loins are incredibly delicious. I cook it on the grill with olive oil and lemon-- nothing like brown tuna fish in cans.

    Oliver and Olivia are going to love the freedom of running on Oregon beaches. Enjoy!


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