Monday, July 29, 2013


We are doing "just fine" without the water pump. Gallon jugs of water are meeting every need.  Dishes are washed, we are clean and the toilet is flushed, what more can we ask for.                                                    This situation reminds us of our first experiences tent camping with our children. But back then, we had to deal with flies, mosquitoes and June bugs.

John will change the pump just as soon as we reach higher elevation with cooler temperatures. 

This morning's breakfast consisted of home-made banana bread, a going away gift from Jojo's next door neighbor, Sandy.  And to top it off, fresh oranges from the neighbor across the street.  A wonderful, fresh treat.  

In June, while picking up the wood for Jojo and Cathie's pergola, I noticed a huge number of birds flying around the fascia of the Home Depot.  It turns out that Capistrano has nothing over Home depot.  Hundreds of nests were lined, high up near the top of the building. 

                                     Jojo also grows veggies in her back yard.  She decided to let this artichoke blossom.  It produces a stunning blossom.

After a great night's rest and an equally great breakfast, we are packing our backpack with egg salad sandwiches, raw veggies, chips and plenty of water. Then we are heading off to explore Sequoia National Park.  

A fire has been reported in the park and we are hoping that it will not be near us!  Frankly, I have had enough wildfire excitement to last a long, long time.  

Until next time.... God bless you all.  


  1. We are jealous! Have a GREAT time "beating the heat".....

  2. That is the first time I have ever seen a artichoke blossom. Gorgeous.

  3. It's amazing how handy those gallons of water can come in. There have been times we used those anyway instead of our water onboard. Love the photos.

  4. Stay safe, Nan and John. I love Sequoia National Park!

  5. Hope the fire doesn't interrupt your visit. Enjoy Sequoia NP. Looking forward to pictures!

  6. Enjoy, and I hope the fire will not interfere with you visit.

  7. I'd never seen at artichoke blossom before either. Really don't care much for them except in a dip.

  8. Jojo has very nice neighbors... Reminds me of my neighborhood growing up.

    We have never been to Sequoia ...can't wait to see pictures!

    The artichoke bloom is pretty.


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