Thursday, July 25, 2013


The Mountain Fire was ninety-two percent contained as of 
2:30 p.m. today.  Twenty seven thousand, five hundred forty one acres were burned.  Most of the fire was on Federal land and has now been turned over to the San Bernardino 
Federal Forest Team with one hundred forty-six individuals tending the fire.  

Forest Service campgrounds, hiking and bike trails remain closed.  Total containment of the fire is expected by tomorrow, Friday.  But, trails will continue to remain closed until further notice.  

Something that Jojo, Cathie and I have noticed is that we were very sensitive to hearing the roar of airplanes overhead, the rotor beats of helicopters and cloud formations.  We experienced just a bit too much sensory stimulation while on the mountain.  Now that we have been home for four days, I find I am back to "normal," whatever that is.

As we get on with our lives, we are preparing to leave Saturday morning.  What little jobs we had on our list for the motorhome will be completed as we progress north.  

We all spent the week prior to the Mountain Fire at Guajome County Park, one of San Diego County's premier parks.  There we polished and waxed half of the motorhome.  The other half was finished at our moochdocking site in front of Jojo's.  

Why only half?  Because we also played a bit!  We toured the Mission San Louis Rey De Francia. Founded in 1798. The Mission is know for it's architecture - a composite of Spanish and Moorish Mexican.   

Known as the "King of the Missions" San Louis Rey Francia is a National Historic Landmark located in Oceanside, California.

During the Mexican-American war the Mission was used as an outpost by the U.S. military

Later it was used as a Franciscan College.  In 1950 the Mission became a seminary and was used for that purpose until 1969.

The first seasons episodes of the TV series "Zorro" were filmed at the Mission.

Today, it is a working Mission. People in the parish donate their time restoring more ongoing projects.  The Mission has a museum, gardens containing the oldest pepper tree in California being planted in 1830.

 The craftsmanship and artistry inside is breathtaking.  Many

The Mission's paintings are beautiful.  Most were too dark to get a good photograph.  But this one of the empty tomb speaks to my heart and my faith in a living savior.  


Until next time....God bless


  1. I love the old missions...they are so beautiful.
    That's good news about the fire being contained and controlled.
    Happy trails!

  2. So happy to hear that you are going to be on the road again. I would love to visit that Mission. It is beautiful.

  3. Waxing half the motorhome at a time makes sense to me, I usually only do 1/4 at a time, whats the rush ?
    More wonderful pictures thanks for sharing.

  4. Now that is a beautiful header photo and so much happier one.

    I love visiting Missions. Texas has some beautiful ones in hill country.

  5. Glad fires are getting under control...can't imagine the smoke and the sadness for so many. Live the look of the white safe!

  6. Nice that you did get time to be a tourist:)

    Happy travels! Be safe!

  7. My parents had a horse ranch near that mission when I was a kid. I've visited it a few times in the last few years and it gave me the creeps.
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  8. I'm glad for all of you that the fire is over with.


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