Thursday, May 30, 2013


Each morning, I wake up before John.  I take the fur kids out for their morning walk and return to our coach for my cuppa tea.

Looking out our front window, I marvel at whatever sight might be there that day and I say to myself, "I absolutely L O V E  this life.

The freedom to see new sights and make new friends is remarkable.  These friends might not be with us for a long time, but we will see them down the road...maybe.  But whatever, they will always be friends.  

Being able to go to bed and have a view of the sky from the bedroom window is magnificent. Bright, brilliant stars and the moon in it's various stages.  Then to awake to either quiet, the sounds of the surf or bird's singing it's greetings to the new day.

Peace, peace.  Wonderful peace.  Sweet peace.  God has blessed us with this time of our life and we are both so thankful.

Where but fulltiming can we  experience geography and history lessons 365 days a year?  

We experience first hand fault lines where earthquakes have occurred and will happen again.  We even experience our first earthquake.     

Blackened hillsides above Hidden Valley that burned in the Springs fire.
Wild fires followed by mud and rock slides scour the sides of the mountains. 

Photo:  Grand Canyon
In the southwest, rivers carve deep canyons.  

5.jpg (640×426)

There are mines to explore.  The list goes on and on.  

Two years ago we parked next to a forgotten, sleeping volcano in Amboy, California on Route 66.  It was quite an experience to approach the volcano and walk over the hardened lava with the ripples and ridges showing it's path across the desert floor.  People view the crater and think it is a curious site.  Curious?  I don't think so...It is history.  OUR history.
Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark When will the Amboy volcano awake, rumble and spew its molten ash around? When will Mount St. Helen's, Yosemite awake?

Petroglyphs  are a history lesson in pictures drawn on rocks hundreds of years ago.  But, what story are they telling?  Do we rely on what other's translations?  Do we use our own imagination?  

What would the giant redwoods tell us about the history of their lifetime?  The flat lands of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska?  How about the New England States?  

What about the Gulf States?  What would they tell us?  Would they describe the heartbreak of the thousands of lives extinguished during the Civil War battles?  The lives lost in the hurricanes?  What would these states say?  
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The difference in the mountains is striking.  In the east, they are covered with trees, shrubs, etc. 

Mount Muir.jpg

In the southwest the 
mountains are exposed 
sharing the beauty of the 
formations, fault lines and 
changing colors.  

The sounds of full time travel are amazing.  We hear the rumble of vehicles that share the highways and byways with us.  

The roar of the Pacific as it pounds the shore.  

As the water returns to the ocean.  we hear the tick, tick,tick of the pebbles being rolled over and over back to the ocean.

At the next location, it is quiet...we hear nothing! silence. 

These are only a few of the reasons we enjoy our new life of full time motorhome travel.  You just might want to give it a try if you have not yet had the experience.  


  1. This was a marvelous post. I loved reading it and we love you guys.

  2. Agree with everything you have written. We feel so sorry for those that find it necessary to return to the same "vacation" spot year after year. They just don't know what they are missing!

  3. Loving the traveling life. We know a couple who have gone to Disney World every year for vacation for over 20 years. Even now without their kids. The wife refuses to go anywhere else. Her reason? She says she KNOWS she likes it there. She says, What if they go someplace else and they don't like it. Can you imagine????? No adventure. No looking forward to what lies ahead.

    Lovely post. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful written! This is why we fulltime, so we can experience all the marvels this great country has to offer. Three years in and we haven't even scratched the surface.

  5. That's a terrific post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. we all have reasons why we do what we do..and you explained yours very well! nice to see Sandie's smiling face!!!

  7. It's a beautiful life and a beautiful world! :-)

  8. Wonderful words and pictures! So glad you are enjoying your full timing. You have seen some beautiful sights.

  9. Our day WILL come. Soon I hope.

  10. You hit the nail right on the head! Excellent post with great pictures to illustrate it. We hope to get back on the road to travel soon. We miss it.

  11. Nicely said. I tell folks that it's not for everyone, but it sure works well for us. In fact, we have a hard time imagining what we'd do if we weren't full-time.

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  13. Excellent posting, we have been wandering around almost 8 years now loving every minute of it!

  14. Beautiful post Nan. I'm glad you have the time to enjoy everything and everywhere! :)
    Busy unpacking and organizing after the move to MI from WI and have much more to go, but things are looking more "home like" every day.
    Keep these great posts coming! I enjoy "getting away" every now and then. ;)

  15. You said it all...we feel so blessed God has given us this time, health, and the means to enjoy this beautiful country we call our home!

  16. Lovely.....more inspiration before we take off. Back to reading more posts...I'm digging your blog ! cozygirl


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