Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Three weeks ago, we came to visit and to help Jojo with some projects.

A congregation had purchased and was remodeling a church that was one house away from Jojo's.  The elders were gracious and let us park in their lot until the church was ready for Sunday services. 

The Koi pond filtering system retrofit is complete, but we still need to work on the pergola and irrigation system so we intend to find a place to stay until after Jojo's birthday, July 8th.

Today is the day we needed to move.  We have moved to the Lake Parris (Pronounced Paris) State Recreation Area just twenty miles from Jojo's.  This is just a temporary place as it is Forty-five dollars each night for water and electricity.  

In retrospect, we should have been looking for a place to park during the last three weeks since the foreman on the church remodel told us we would be moving.  But, we met the chairman of the board and he said just to stay there as long as Jojo needed us nearby.  

Staying in a parking lot is not the ideal situation.  But for us it was ideal.  We were close to the work that needed to be done, but most important, we were close to a daughter that we had not been able to see on a regular basis for twenty years. 

We did not need to dump until this past Sunday.  That was almost three weeks!  And where did we dump?  Right here at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area.  

We showered at Jojo's.  I took Oliver and Olivia to her fenced back yard so they could run whenever they wanted.  I did laundry at her house rather than using the water on-board.  What a difference all those experiences made.  

This campground is on asphalt.  It is almost like we are back at the church.  But here, we have trees, a lake, and other campers that are off in the distance.  Oh yes....we have flies.  Flies by the hundreds!  The thousands, millions, billions, trillions!  Sounds like our national debt, doesn't it?

Tomorrow, even though for just a short time, I put out our hummingbird feeders and get the seed for the other critters with wings.  

So....what do I think of Lake Perris SRA?  I am so pleased that we will not be here for the Memorial Day weekend.  

The campsites are large enough for a small RV with their tow vehicle parked next to them.  Each site has water and electricity.  The dump station with flies by the gazillions is in a separate location.  It is NOT worth forty five dollars a day.  

The person at registration tried so hard to find a site for our forty foot Tiffin Allegro Bus and our sixteen foot trailer.  

She thought if we parked parallel to the road, all would fit side by side in one campsite.  If it were not for a tree, we would fit.  

We are not willing to either back into or pull into tree branches that would scratch the coach.  Also, we were not willing to pay for two campsites which was the other suggestion. 

My final thoughts about Lake Perris SRA, is just to skip it unless you are shorter than thirty feet, do not mind be lined up as if in a parking lot that is not level.

The scenery is nice, but you can find foothills anyplace.
The lake is okay, but it is not next to the campgrounds.

Would I return?  Only if we had to. 

Tomorrow, I plan to get out and take photos, do some hiking and enjoy the quiet.  

What are you planning to do tomorrow?  

Please pray for Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch.  Kelly and Al are both having physical problems that need to be addressed quickly, but are in the quagmire of the Canadian healthcare system.  

For tonight, this is it.  Take care and most of all......



  1. Nice that you could stay right beside Jojo's for a while and visit.
    Some campgrounds are just too expensive for what you get. Glad we got our membership camping years ago,

  2. Whew...$45 ....that's a resort price with all the amenities and comforts! But, so glad you are having fun and spending time with Jojo.

    I do follow Bayfield Bunch...praying for them as they wait.

  3. $45 a night? That's highway robbery (or campground robbery). We're hoping tomorrow to be on the road but not sure we're going to make it. Waiting for Jim's medicine to get here.

  4. So glad you are getting to spent so much time with your daughter. That is the down side to this life style. I am sure she is thrilled to have you there. Hope you find a bigger place for your home.

  5. Good info on Perris Lake! I remember that from when I was a kid, no desire to go back. Nice that you can be near your daughter...and...after the hangout, it is nice to "see" you, Nan.

  6. What a quandry you are in. Too bad there isn't a city or county Park. We have a little RV park five minutes from our house, right on the Willamette River and 40footers (recently a 42 ft.) park there a lot. $18 - $22 depending on if you want right on the river or back a couple of rows. No sewer, but the dump station is less than 1/2 block away.

    We too are praying for Al and Kelly and the quandry they are in with their health issues and the Canadian Health insurance that makes the waits so long.

  7. $45.00! We've only paid close to that one time AND that was because it was the closest RV Park to MY Daughters! We've since found a state park a little further away and go there.

    AGAIN Ouch on the $45.00 a night with flies. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  8. I say $45 is too much for that site. Not sure why people think they have to charge so much for so little.

    Hope you can relocate to a nicer, cheaper place.

  9. Lake Perris hook-up section is terrible. We couldn't agree more! However we love the non-hook-up section under the trees and have camped there often. You probably hadn't gotten around to that section of the park as the park is pretty big.....but it is really nice there. But sometimes you just gotta have the hook-ups! The fees used to be good before Arnold Schwarzenegger raised them in all of our parks. The non-hook up section used to be $15 and the hook-ups used to be $20. Still a lot for parking in a parking lot for the hook-ups but at least tolerable! We hope you and John are well. You would love Capitol Reef National Park ($5 per night in the campground!!!) and amazing beauty!


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