Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We have been attacking some of the little items that "bug" us here in the motorhome.  Actually, there are not many things that we want to change (at this time.) But the changes we do want to make have been on our minds.  

Since we are not cleared for take off, we decided to pass some of the time tackling those issues that bug us, but others might not see.  

The previous owner of our Tiffin must have removed the day-night shades.  In the shades place, blinds were installed. 

The hardware was left under the windows. We plan to replace the blinds, but with what, we do not know.  I am wondering about roman shades.  Any ideas?  

John's campaign was to rid the hardware that was left under the windows.  Removal also requires filling he holes that are left behind.    

 Off we went to Menard's for our home improvement supplies.  

Thank goodness John was a home builder and has the knowledge of what to look for in various situations.  He purchased this putty stick to fill the holes.  The color was an exact match!  I love it when things work out.  

Something that I have not liked is all the brass knobs, handles light fixtures etc.  The brass does not fit the color scheme of the motorhome with it's pickled  maple finish.  The knobs on the cabinets and drawers are the first to go.   
 This photo makes the cabinets look blue and I hope you can get the idea.  On the right is the brass.  On the left is the brushed nickel.  The nickel actually picks up some of the shades of the wood.

We still have pictures to hang and hardware to install in the bathroom.  That is fine with us.  All these changes make this "our" home.  

John has an appointment with Doc Lykens Friday at one o'clock.  He will either tell us we can take off or wait.  Our original departure date was September 12th.  And with so many set backs, I have finally learned that my plans are just that...MY plans.  And you know that If I want to give God a good belly laugh, I just tell him my plans.  So now, it is up to Him.  

 My feeling about John's condition is that he looks and acts better than I have seen him in a few years.  We will see.  It is not up to us. 

In the meantime, each and every one of you take care and may God heap his blessings upon you.  



  1. I agree with you. I really like the brushed nickle. Also agree with God's timing. It's been a hard lesson for me to learn also. I never dreamed we would be off the road for almost five years now. And if it's His will that we never get to travel again, I'm ok with that too because He sees "the whole picture" of my life and he knows what's best for me.

  2. I like the MCD shades, myself. They are pretty pricey though. I plan to have a couple more windows done in the spring.

  3. I love the idea of brushed nickel fixtures. We had them in our motor home and in our house. To me they look rich.

    So glad John is up and about. I am sure he feels very useful doing all your updates. How wonderful to have a man that knows what he is doing. I speak from experience.

    Best decision you have made is to turn it over to Him!

  4. I vote with Judy - the MCD shades are wonderful but expensive. I was really glad we changed over to them when we had our motorhome. Letting the Lord be in charge is so hard sometimes but He does know what is best for us and in what time frame. Lots of prayers though that you do get lift off shortly.

  5. It's good to hear he is looking well. That is a precious sign, for sure. :)

  6. We have the shades on the front window, the drivers side window, and the passenger side door.. I like the for privacy at night. We also have shade cloth things that go outside for these windows that we have not yet tried. All the other windows have mini blinds. I like them because you can vary the amount of privacy and view out that you want, but they are delicate.

  7. Isn't it amazing what a simple thing like new hardware can do to update cabinets, faucets, etc.


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