Sunday, December 9, 2012


We left Indianapolis (finally) and all it's Christmas decorations at ten past two. 
photo Oliver, Olivia, John and Nan were thrilled to be on the road. Noah?  He could take it or leave it.  I told John that he needed to pinch me so I would know that I was not dreaming.  He was to busy driving.  

At eight ten we pulled into the Super Wal Mart on interstate 74 right at the Illinois River Bridge.  We lost an hour someplace on the road.  I bet we do not find it until next October.  What do you think?  Total miles traveled: two hundred twenty eight miles.  John was a hog and drove it all!

Puffy Rain Cloud with Raindrops Coming Down
We drove through rain and thick fog, but traffic was light so there was no danger.  Our new-to-us Tiffin made us feel as if we were riding in a bubble.  

Have I told you we absolutely 
L O V E our Tiffin?  

A few weeks ago, I prepared and froze soups for our trip.  We love soup in the winter.  So, tonight we are having Black Bean Salsa Soup.
Picture of Black Bean & Salsa Soup
This is the recipe that I pinned to my Pinterest board. I only have fifty one soups pinned.  Can anyone say "yum?"

Right across the street from us is Applebee's, Chili's, Texas Road House and Ming's Chinese Buffet.  Nothing can compare to my recipes from Pinterest!  I am so glad that I did some advance cooking.  

I hope that in the days, weeks, months and years to come, you can join us for a meal.  I love to cook and each of you is more than welcome.  

Oh, oh....I bet I am in trouble now!  

Well, it's soup and time to eat....till tomorrow.  

God Bless you all and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  They are what have made it possible for John's health to improve so that we can be on the road.  Southwest,,,,,,here we come!  Right after Sioux Falls!


  1. So exciting. I love to have a few meals ready to go when we're traveling. Makes it so much easier. Be safe and keep heading south and west.

  2. Best news I have gotten all day! So glad you are enjoying your Tiffin. They are the best.

    Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

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  4. Very smart to have that soup all ready to go so that you weren't tempted to stop at any of those restaurants. And by leaving on Sunday, it sounds like your traffic was light. On you go towards losing another hour during the next day or two!

  5. Hooray, you are on the road at last! think back a year, who would have believed it! I am soooooo happy for you two. and I need to go find your pinterest boards, I LOVE soup!

  6. Hurry on down here, we are waiting, but you better hurry. It was way down to 38 this morning....Winter is coming, but NO SNOW,,,,,so its not all bad!!

  7. Read about the snow in the Mid West this morning. Hope you don't have any trouble getting to Souix Falls. Love soup! Especially home made. Where are you staying in San diego? We will also be there for Christmas ...


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