Friday, August 17, 2012


Monday, we left the beautiful Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana and moseyed on up to the Camping World in Greenwood for an oil change, a new lock on one of our compartments and a new toilet.

Some of you might remember that we had "issues" with the toilet on our trip to the Southwest winter before last.  It was supposedly repaired by Edmundson RV in Taylorsville, Indiana.  Again, Edmundson let us down and we turned to Camping World for help.

Edmundson's service staff trash talked Camping World something fierce and had us convinced that their service technicians were terrible, the service was terrible, etc.  As it has turned out, almost every repair we had made at Edmundson's has needed to be re-repaired costing us thousands of dollars.

What we found the Greenwood, IN Camping World was a service driven  organization that believes that truth and honesty is the best policy! And we did not have to wait for days or weeks to have our work finished.   Kudos to them!

Tuesday, John had an appointment at Indiana University Health Sleep Apnea Education Center where he received a final review with Dr. Damien Patel who is doing his fellowship, and Dr. Shalini Manchanda.  After John was examined and questioned about his sleeping situation.

It has been about a month since he had his sleep study and has been waiting eagerly for this appointment.  Do you think he looks happy to be in their presence - finally?

The next step was to schedule a follow up appointment. Tammy took care of that business.

I looked at Tammy's identification badge and could not believe that she was the person pictured.  I do not remember how much she weighed prior to her bariatric surgery, but it was a lot.  Congratulations, Tammy!

Next, we were off to meet with Jeff Scott, a super energetic and enthusiastic Respiratory Therapist.  It is Jeff's responsibility to explain the need for CPAP.  I had no idea that the heart rate increases tremendously with sleep apnea.

A resting heart rate should be lower than when up and about,  John's heart "resting" heart rate was over the target heart rate if he were exercising!  John was at risk of having a heart attack!  Gee, can we add anything else to his list of problems?

John was given the choice of three methods of delivering the continuous positive air pressure.  The one on the left fits right above the top lip and covers the entire nose.  On the right you see one that covers the nose and mouth.  That mast reminded me of a scene in the movie Top Gun.  These two, were John's rejects.
 This is John's choice.  This has short "tubes" that fit just inside the nostril and has a "pillow" that forms a seal.

At the time, John thought that this would be best for him.  He has used this one every night and continues to have air leaks that wake me up so that I can wake up John and have him re-seat it.  John is sleeping better, but not me.  John now thinks he will trade it in for the one on the left that covers the nose only.

With both of these choices, a chin strap needs to be worn to prevent mouth breathing.

Surely there is a smaller chin strap out there!  This looks as if he has either a neck lift or a tooth ache!

On the positive side, John feels so much better.  He is less tired and his eyes have life in them rather than total fatigue.

Wednesday, was another doctor appointment!  This time John had a growth removed from his leg.  After leaving the doctor's office, we were off to Hayden Physical Therapy so John could say thank you and good bye.

Yesterday, we finished our business with Camping World and finally....I repeat, FINALLY on the road of fulltiming!  First stop?  Allegan Michigan.  More on Allegan and the Michigan Fiber Festival in next post.

For now, thanks for stopping by.  I love your comments .....   God bless!!


  1. Jim has the one on the left. Doesn't really like it but it's better than the others. Hopefully it will fit better and give you more sleep. Have fun in Allegan.

  2. Seems to be the old trial and error to get the issues resolved. Both the RV repairs and those for John!

  3. Whoo Hoo! You're on the road! It's been a long road for you and John, Nan, but it will be worth it now that you can enjoy your fulltime life and adventure. Enjoy every moment you and John have together in your travels. Wishing you many, many years of happiness in the lifestyle of your choice.

  4. Well, fortunately for you and all your readers my long-winded post got lost. Wishing you and John many years of happiness in the lifestyle you have chosen. Congratulations!

  5. another new fulltimer! travels to you and yours!

  6. LOL! My goodness: you're right! That is some serious chin strap. Looks like you could tie down a person with that thing. I guess they don't want you to lose the mask while tossing and turning in your sleep.

    Really glad to hear that John is so much more rested! Also glad that you got good service at Camping World. The people at Edmundson RV should be ashamed of themselves.


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