Saturday, August 11, 2012


When I awoke this morning, instead of waking to temperatures in the seventies, the temperature was fifty-four degrees!  Whooo-hooo!  What a difference!  
I dressed in warmer than usual clothing, put Olivia and Oliver on leads and off we went!  
Walking the dog dog graphics

 I planned on a semi-abbreviated walk because we wanted to be at the Columbus Farmer's Market and I thought we would be riding our bicycles when we returned.

We arrived at the farmer's market early enough to find  everything we had in mind.  (but we left part of our minds someplace else)  In other words, we forgot a few things.

We were welcomed at the Farmer's Market by a group of Bluegrass musicians.  What sweet music they provided for the shoppers.

The fruits and veggies were out of this world.  Being on a plant based eating program, we found so many varieties of fruit and vegetables.  They insured that we will not be bored this week as we eat. Any one for fried green tomatoes?  Yum.   

Oops!  No photo of ears of corn for a delish salad I found the recipe on the Internet, of course!

The first time we shopped at this farmer's market, we discovered a booth that has out of this world gluten, dairy free pastries!  Last week, they were on vacation (rats), but this week we bought pizza crust and our usual bread.  

We made a pizza when we got home, but did not care for the pizza crust.  Sorry guys.  But their bread is to die for.  The owner is a baker that must eat gluten free. 

She has developed the most outrageously wonderful breads.   We purchased their gluten / dairy free pizza   crust and their Harvestee Bread.  Oh wonderful.    You can contact them at  

They are considering opening a storefront and I wish them the best of luck, but not enough luck that they become overwhelmed!  If we were planning to stay in Indiana, we would be regular customers.  

There was one other vendor that sells neither fruit nor vegetables.  She sells jewelry.  Two weeks ago, John purchased a necklace, bracelet and earrings set for me. Today, we returned to her booth to find another pair of earrings.  

These vendors and Farmer's Markets are by no means like those that are found in the P.N.W, California, etc., but they are good for the area we are in.  

We do have a Praise the Lord for the Amanda Report.  Her MRI and tests on her spinal fluid ALL came out clear!  No signs of cancer!  Way to go Amanda!  Way to go God!  

We have been here at Brown County State Park since July 3rd!  It has been hard to consider ourselves as full-timers since we are only thirty miles from our former sticks and bricks home and John commutes for physical therapy twice each week.  

Tomorrow is preparing for our first moving day!  We head north to Greenwood, IN and Camping World for an oil change and an overnight stay. 

Blueberries From there we head north on U.S. 31 to Allegan, Michigan and the Michigan Fiber Festival ...................... and blueberries!~ 

Anyone on board?????

God Bless!  and Hugs....


  1. I love Farmer's Markets. Those berries look YUMMY!
    Who says prayers aren't answered? Praise our Dear Lord for answering them for Amanda!

    1. The berries ARE yummy! They go right along with our plant based diet! I am so pleased for Amanda. I miss seeing her this weekend! She is such a sweetheart!

  2. We went to the Farmers Market here today but it was mostly jewelry and crafts stuff. Some food but nothing I couldn't live without.

  3. Have you been to the Bloomington Farmer's Market on Saturdays? They almost always have several booths selling sweet corn. One is so popular, there is always a long line there. But, we grow our own and if the raccoons don't get them first, we usually get several great meals of them. It's hard to buy corn once you've eaten them the same day you pick 'em. :)

    That's wonderful news about Amanda! I hope she will stay cancer-free forever.

  4. Maybe I'll see you there, too! We're making a day trip up to the Fiberfest in Allegan, to coordinate with picking up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. We've been using Flashes, there in Allegan, for the last couple of years and we really love the area. Then we're back to Elkhart Campground to get back to work and do the stuffing and mailing. It will be my first Fiberfest and I am looking forward to it.
    I am very happy for Amanda. It is great that prayers are answered. Her positive personality and friends like you help so very much!

  5. So glad about Amanda! And you look as though you had a splendid day at the market! Excellent!


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