Saturday, July 7, 2012


And, here I thought I would do a daily countdown to closing and moving day.  That's a big joke!  I thought I was so organized and that moving to the motorhome would be such a breeze.....NOT!   

When we had lunch with Judy on Monday, June 25 that we would probably be out of the house by the following Thursday.   That would have been five days prior to closing / moving day.  It did not happen.  We closed and moved on the designated day, July 2.  The best laid plans............

We made a very long trip to our first destination that is thirty miles south, Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana.  

We need to be close to what was home in order for John to remain in physical therapy.  

We use a tank of gas for every two physical therapy sessions.  I think we will look for a physical terrorist closer to our location.  

John said that he would just stop therapy and I say "no way."  He qualifies for the physical therapy as long as he continues to make improvement.  I feel that if he is making improvement, he needs more therapy.  When the improvement stops, he has reached his potential and the elephant is consumed.  

BCSP is a very nice place to camp in the late fall to early spring.  It is not as crowded and there is plenty of space for campers to spread out.  We are fortunate to have an empty site next to us affording us a view from our dining window.  

The heat here is record-setting with temperatures exceeding one hundred degrees for days in a row. This seems to be happening all over the United States.  Hummm, I wonder if Obama is going to blame this on Bush too?  (just a wee bit of humor on the ninety degree morning)  Email Email Above normal heat gripped much of the eastern United States for a fourth straight day on Monday, July 2nd, with about 2.1 million homes and businesses without power after violent storms and soaring temperatures killed at least 18 people. Officials are urging residents to check up on elderly or sick neighbours. Heat advisories are in effect for parts of 17 states, with forecasters saying there is no relief in sight: “Hot and hotter will continue to...

What amazes me is the weekend or vacation campers who still go out in the hottest part of the day.  They lie in their chairs, they play, they ride bikes.  

We, on the other hand stay inside with the air conditioning.  We drink iced tea and iced coffee and play on the computer or read or take a nap.

Last evening, we encountered problems with one of our air conditioners.  The power would fluctuate slowing down the unit until it would shut down.  Over and over this happened, so we have shut it off and are depending solely on the rear unit.  

Thank goodness it is partly cloudy today and with the temperature at ninety seven now at eleven forty-five.  The prediction is One hundred three, but it seems to me that it is going to go higher.  

Last night, we went into Nashville.  The town is full of art galleries, antique shops, craft stores etc.  The town and county is known as an artist colony.  Some have referred to Nashville and Brown County as the "Little Smokeys."  I put the emphasis on little.  This photo is not very good, I was trying to capture the pink clouds.  The zoom is not powerful enough to do some of the things I ask.  

If you like to shop for anything, this is the place.  I liked it much better when it was centered on arts and crafts.  More and more of the "art" and "crafts" are from China.  

Our trip into town was to have John's prescriptions refilled and to have dinner at the Hobnob.  We have had dinner and lunch there and never have been disappointed.  

The interior dates back to the turn of the century when it was an drug store with a soda fountain and counter.  They are still  still intact.  Built in 1868, the building is the oldest commercial structure in Nashville.  The building was first a dry-goods, sundries and grocery store before being purchased, furnishings intact, and became the Hobnob Corner.

The Hobnob is noted for it's breaded tenderloin.

Since we had had the tenderloin on another visit, we wanted to sample another of the chef's creations.  

I chose an open faced vegetarian delight.  I did ask them to add spinach and red onion to their avocados,  mushrooms, sprouts, etc.  There was a bit too much cheese and I chose to remove about seventy-five percent.  That made it just right for this fussy eater.  

John chose a remake of the Ruben and some really good looking French Fries.  Their Thousand Island dressing is made "in house" and was a delight!  This Ruben was on the Hobnob's own Dill Bread!  John gave it two thumbs up.  

We are looking forward to visiting Bloomington, IN.  Bloomington is the home of Indiana University and has a vast array of restaurants that we would like to try while we are in this area.  Hopefully, there will also be something going on at the University that we can attend.  

I wanted to share a photo I took of the moon.  I was walking Oliver and Olivia and as we were returning to the motorhome at 7:15 a.m, this is what I saw.  Cool picture for daylight.

With the picture of the moon, I leave you.  It is good to be back in blog land and IT IS WONDERFUL TO BE FULL TIMERS!  Man, oh man....we have come a long way since mid March!  God is good.

God bless, drink lots of water, stay out of the sun and enjoy!  


  1. I was wondering what happened to you guys. Congrats at making out!

    I think I could go for that Ruben that John ordered. :)

  2. Oh dear...he should definitely not top therapy. No need for a set back at this time!

    Obama is going to blame this on Bush too?...or will the Republican blame the Democrats on the both ways.

    We really enjoy Nashville. Been there several times. Enjoy the journey!

  3. Congratulations! Your new life has begun! Glad to hear John is doing so well, Nan. I had a problem with my air conditioner at James Island--it stopped blowing cold air. Turned out the filter located on the roof had clogged and the guy took out a chunk of ice as big as a quart of milk. The other guy thawed it out from the inside. It worked fine after that. They said if it happens, again, to just run the fan for a while. Also told me the rooftop air conditioners generally have a life of 4-5 years. I don't know if that's true as I used to camp mostly in cooler weather.

  4. So good to see you back blogging and on the road as full timers. Definitely need to keep up the therapy for awhile longer. Jim is still doing his breathing stuff and will probably do it for another three to six months. Have fun.

  5. I've missed you on here. Think of you often. Glad you are full timers now and that John is doing so well. Hope he continues his therapy.
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  6. Men think they are such "toughies" eh? Glad you are making him continue his therapy!!!

    Sooo excited to see where you are going next, once he is up to fine fettle. We are three weeks away from closing.... wheeeee

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. I love cheese but that would have been too much for me too. And I love Reubens. Oh what a decision I would have had to make.

    Sounds like you are making the right decisions in health related manners.


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